So, when I visited Paris two years ago I loved tea. But that was nothing compared to where I’m at now. I knew very little and didn’t drink nearly as much as I do at this point. I picked this up in the airport as I’d been seeing those black tins everywhere. I liked breakfast teas, it was French, that was all there was to it.

I opened and drank a little of this when I got home and then, unfortunately, the tea was misplaced/forgotten about in a move. When I started wishing I had access to MF teas, I remembered it. What a waste, I thought! It’s pretty old at this point. And the tin has been open the entire time. I was going to try the tea anyway but I noticed a “best before” date stating I should drink it by the end of this year, which egged me on.

So I can’t really tell if this has been diminished by its poor storage conditions. But, it’s still quite nice and very drinkable. It is a lighter breakfast blend, but I find it still has a nice complexity and richness. There are sweet undertones that are really interesting and a little astringency to remind you it’s a breakfast tea.

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