658 Tasting Notes

drank Detox by DAVIDsTEA
658 tasting notes

I do not like this tea, so I was curious if drinking it cold would be any different and cold-brewed it.

Nope. Really medicinal-tasting to me. I just can’t get past the juniper berries. Oh well!

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It fascinates me that this tea never seems to go bitter on me. It has been sitting at the bottom of my cup for nearly an hour now while phone calls interrupt my time with it and is still delicious and smooth!

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Cold-brewed again, for quite a long time this time.

It gets very limey and it is refreshing, but the lime starts tasting a little artificial. I don’t know. I don’t know if I am tasting the coconut, either. It’s interesting and it’s refreshing but I think I prefer it cold-brewed for less time.

Anyway, it’s a relief for there to be a tea I won’t miss terribly when it leaves.

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I cold-brewed this overnight as I knew I’d be in a rush this morning. It was nice having something to drink as I got ready all too early for my liking.

This was surprisingly flavourful for being cold brewed. The strawberry was sweeter, and the white tea flavour came through quite strongly. It was alright but I don’t know if I would do this again. I can’t decide how I feel about this tea, but I think it is better hot.


I am curious about how to cold brew overnight??? This sounds like something that would be great for me but need to know how to do it.. could you tell me how you do it?


Sure! It is great because it’s so easy I feel silly explaining my method.

Before I go to bed, I’ve got in the habit of just putting tea leaves in my large Libre tea glass (http://libretea.com/shop-libre/libre-glassn-poly-large/) and pouring drinking water in. Then I leave it in the fridge and drink it when I get up and am too groggy to properly prepare tea.

You can use any kind of brewing container or just any bottle/thermos and strain it, of course. I’ve found herbal teas and honeybush work really well, but I’ve had fun experimenting with greens and this white. It’s usually recommended that you use more tea than you would for hot tea, but I find if I’m leaving it overnight that’s often not even necessary. Also, I’ve read somewhere that caffeine doesn’t get extracted this way which could be good or bad!

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Saw this pina colada tea last time in my prefered tea shop. I’m a pina colada cocktail drinker, how’s the flavor in relation to the cocktail, does it match somehow?


I haven’t had a pina colada for years so unfortunately I’m not the best judge, but I do get a rum-type quality from this.

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So, the only time I’ve had this hot was an in-store sample. They said it was steeped quite lightly and it was alright but I wasn’t a huge fan. The warm + lime kind of bothers me.

I cold-brewed some today and am quite enjoying it. It’s really light and brewing it hot and then icing would lead to a more flavourful tea, but this is really refreshing and tasty and the right amount of lime for me.

Michelle Butler Hallett

Right from the get-go, I thought this blend sounded like it would be best cold-brewed. (Or used in cooking.) Thanks for the note.

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I was in Tealish buying a Mother’s Day gift and that wall of tins of teas I’ve never tried was too tempting. I decided to explore the rooibos choices and ended up taking a bag of this home. It smelled incredible in the tin.

This smells incredibly tart and potent once steeped, but it was actually quite nice and creamy. A little bit sweet, but with just the right amount of tartness. Very flavourful but smooth and not artificial tasting or chemically. It’s a blend of red and green rooibos but I actually didn’t get any rooibos flavour at all. Just creamy lemon.

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