My parents instilled in me a love of food, nature, and art. Tea, of course, enhances all of it. Beyond that, tea is the beverage of time and memory. My Dad sipping on Lapsang Souchong while reading in his den. My Mom’s Sleepytime tea ritual that she observed until her last day. Tea tastes of the earth, of the new growth of spring. It connects us to the farm and the seasons. It makes us want to run our fingers through the dirt. We grew and dried our own herbs to make tisanes. We drank strong black tea with rock sugar slowly dissolving our daily woes.

I married a dark angel who happens to be my best friend and twin flame. We have an entourage of 8 cats and 3 dogs who attend most of our tea tastings. I’m a Gong Fool and a booze anthropologist. I’m a geek. I’m deeply religious. I stir cauldrons and cast spells. I air-conduct Strauss when I’m stoned. I belt out punk rock anthems with my inner voice. Just a free radical in a world of anti-oxidants wondering what food pairs well with absinthe… Cakes of Light perhaps?


Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada

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