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This is my main source for tea, its close to my house and well anyone that has shopped at DavidsTea certainly knows there selection is vast and amazingly simply the best. The staff at this location are always friendly and helpful, willing to suggest new teas in contrast to what I am already drinking. I never really feel hassled to purchase anything, and when I make a purchase large or small I am respected as a customer. Anytime I purchase a variety of Tea they will generally make me a cup to go free of charge allowing me to sample a new tea for next time or get a big mug of my favorite tea of the day.



Tea, Earl Grey, Hot!

I will attempt to taste and comment on each and every blend offered from DAVIDsTEA and of course anything else that comes across my path.

I only drink tea brewed from loose leaf tea, and tend to sweeten my teas with a teaspoon of raw cane sugar per 8oz of tea and consider a cup either 12oz or 16oz depending on what mug I want to use.

I generally do not put milk in my tea’s; however sometimes I may make a ‘London Fog’ style drink or add milk to herbal infusions to add a bit more creaminess to it.

And I generally enjoy drink a nice hot tea while relaxing listening to some Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd.

I am quite liberal with my Tea ratings, I take the smiley face to heart for judging. If I really like it then it will score a high grade regardless of the brand or if I can keep it in my cupboard or not. But to break it down further a bit more check this out:

0-10 – Wouldn’t drink it if I was dying.
10-20 – Are you sure this didn’t come out of a bag?
20-50 – There is hope for this tea…somewhere but not here
50-60 – Drinkable, but not stockable
60-70 – Ok, were onto something here!
70-80 – Wow you gotta try this
80+ I freaking love it, where can I buy it?


Vancouver, B.C.

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