reviewed IKEA HÄLSA Steel vacuum flask by IKEA
790 tasting notes

Finally got my hands on one of these. After Em’s review, I had to try one!

It keeps things just as hot as they go in for hours and hours and hours. A great thing to have at your desk if you work where you can’t get up often to get more hot water. My mom wanted one for just that reason and I believe she’ll love this.

The only downside for me with this is that when I take tea on the road (which is when I have the most issue with not being able to get more hot water readily) is that it isn’t a thermos you can drink from. You do need a cup or something to pour into. (Duh – been since grade school since I had a thermos – there is a cup built in as the cap) Also I’d like for it to hold more than 2 cups to be a viable travel thermos.

And it is very thin. Going to have to buy a bottle brush to clean it.

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