drank 1998 White Tuo Ripe by white2tea
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Getting ready to brew up a sample of this that I took from the Beginners Puerh TTB while I wait for some tree trimmers to come take down about 6 dead Jack pines I have in the back yard among a grove of other Jack and Red pines. My wife and I just bought this property a little over half a year ago and these trees have been dead since we bought the place so it is time for them to come down.

I have a nice chunk of it and it does look a bit like a clump of dirt, as someone had previously described it. I gave it a ten second rinse and the wet leaves smell like wood and petrichor.

First steep at 15 seconds brews up dark for a first steep. Hazelnut brown, perhaps. First sip and yup. This is going to be good, you guys. A smooth earthy sweetness coats the mouth and throat. It is very light and subtle this steep but it is there, promising of more to come. Makes the eyebrows perk up on the first few sips.

2nd steep at 20 seconds and 3rd steep at 25 seconds. Both are smooth with a light woody/earthy profile.

4th steep at 30 sec and there is a little more punch to this one, in a pleasant way. A bit stronger, more rounded and full.

Going into the 5th steep and the Tree service people arrived. I continued to drink this session, lost track of steeps and time for each. But what I can say, as I’m still sipping on brews of this is that it is a very forgiving tea for when you are distracted. I am able to not pay this tea too much mind before getting it into my mouth and it is still pleasant. That is a fairly good compliment, I believe.

Flavors: Petrichor, Wood

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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Michigander, Husband, father of three, lover of tea, books, nature, gardening, and passion. Stay at home dad currently. Previously a preschool teacher.

I have now completed some tea swaps and I am so totally up for swapping! What a cool way to connect with fellow tea lovers and try some new teas. My tea cupboard on here is woefully out of date though.

Black tea has been my go to tea for some time. Oolongs are good too but mainly roasty oolongs. I’m finding that there are some green and white teas (mostly Moonlight Whites) that impress me lately which they never used to do. I am getting into and developing a taste for Pu-erh. I have tried raw and my Ulcerative Colitis just can’t handle the roughness of it. So I stick to ripe Puerh. I am recently drinking more herbal tea or Rooibos especially STRONG ginger blends. I’m not too picky.

Some of my favorite places from which to purchase tea are Whispering Pines Tea Co, Verdant, A Quarter to Tea, Beautiful Taiwan Tea Co, Bitterleaf Tea, and Yunnan Sourcing.

Rating system:
90-100: Some of the best I’ve ever had. I’d be a fool not to keep it stocked as often as possible
80-89: A damn good tea. Not to be missed
70-79: A good tea but lacks the wow factor. More than likely a simple tea that could be an every day option
60-69: Eh. This is okay. Not swill by any means but fairly underwhelming.
50-59: Not really doing it for me. I’ll finish it but please don’t bring me any more.
Below 50: Life is too short to waste on things such as this


Lansing, Michigan

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