I almost was not going to fall for buying this sugar. I really thought it was a gimmick for Teavana to make more money but after trying out honey and raw sugar to compare, I can say that this sugar is the best in terms of sweetening without altering the taste too much. You don’t need a whole lot (depending on your tastes) so I think the little bag I bought will last awhile. I sure wouldn’t buy the $30.00 jug though. I want my sugar fresh too, not sitting on my counter for six months so I would only buy a bit at a time.

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I am a total newbie to tea, having been a die-hard coffee drinker for years. Recently I quit smoking and found that coffee was making my cravings worse so I began trying out some tea.

Tazo Zen, Traditional Medicinals Daily Detox Lemon and Pukka Cleanse were the first teas I bought (bags). I liked all three and a new interest was born. I hopped on the computer to check out tea. I came across the website for Teavana and was awed at all the beautiful teas but upon doing research I found them to be very underhanded in a lot of ways. Davids seems to be the more reputable company.

Well turns out I’ll be shopping at both David’s and Teavana I think! I went out this past weekend and went to Teavana because it’s a lot closer to me (Newmarket) I bought a Perfect Teamaker (which I love!) , a nice 16 oz glass mug, a handy timer that sticks on the fridge and a very overpriced spoon but is also very pretty. Twiggy I think it’s called. I also bought some German rock sugar, I like it because it sweetens without being too overbearing and doesn’t alter the taste of the tea.

I also bought my first loose leaf tea!! 50g of Maharaja Chai Oolong (Love! love!) and Strawberry Blush Rose Oolong (Its good but not “wow”) Murphys Law gave me a kick in the butt though..I didn’t get to enjoy them! Well not right away. I came down, literally within several hours, with an awful cold! I drank Traditional Medicinals Echinacea Plus all day! No way I wanted to “waste” the good tea when I couldn’t even taste or smell anything!

Luckily the echinacea tea worked wonders and I was finally able to enjoy my tea yesterday! Brewing my first ever loose leaf tea was a huge joy to me. I took great care to brew it “perfectly” and actually did a really good job! My Maharaja Chai tasted even better then it did when I sampled it at Teavana! I got such a kick out of watching the tea steep and when my little fridge timer went off I was like a little kid all excited on Christmas lol.

Today I went to David’s and bought a 12 sample tea-set (Dessert box) oh delicious! I also picked up Gyrokuro, Dragon Pearls, Organic Detox and a Chai :) I’m one happy gal with all these awesome new teas to try! I’ve also decided that once I’ve found my favorite teas to order online (or buy on sale in store) because it looks like especially in Ontario, Canada where I live that it’s way cheaper to buy online. I love loose leaf tea and wish I’d quit smoking sooner so I’d have discovered this tea earlier lol. Jeez I didn’t mean to write a novel here, I’m excited about my new hobby :)


Newmarket, Ontario

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