80 Tasting Notes

drank Balthazar by Mariage Frères
80 tasting notes

I forgot how enjoyable this tea can be. Perfect for today… the end of a long trip and it just might off-set my driving cramps. (Earned from a 12 hour drive with no drinking or bathroom breaks. Don’t try it yourself… invest in Astronaut Diapers. LOL)



Also thought this was an amusing name for a tea. Wonder why they call it Balthazar?

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I picked this up myself but am terrified to open it and enjoy it. LOL One day I will break down and pull this treasure to pieces. Perhaps I will save it for retirement… only 8 years away. Lord.

Will post more later…

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drank Jamaïque by Mariage Frères
80 tasting notes

Pairs well with Twilight. LOL Boring Sunday… too much rain! Grrr…

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drank Rose Tea by Golden Moon Tea
80 tasting notes

Another sample from Ricky, thank you.
Upon my first pokes in the package I failed to realize that the items were in fact labeled. Silly me. Had I noticed I would have pounced on the Yunan first. I have been dying to try a cup of that for months now. No matter Rose won out as I am a sucker for flavored and flowery teas especially when surrounded by unruly men/boys.

First sniff left me wondering if it would be soapy or perfumed and bitter. The fragrance reminded me a bit of these plastic roses I had inherited from my great grandmother and they sat all my childhood life on my vanity. Roses, powder and a most calming black tea earthiness was the combo that assailed my nose. With the addition of water, the fragrance was no different a rich wonderful tea entwined with delicate rose. To me, the scent was pleasant and not overly annoying.

This tea mixes well with dark chocolate hot cocoa mix and if you want to get rid of any annoying odor in those plastic tea mug lids, this tea will do it.

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Not liking this one today. :P

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drank Honeybee by The Simple Leaf
80 tasting notes

This isn’t the first time I’ve enjoyed this tea. I have a tendancy to enjoy this one while out at sea… which I will being doing with may more of my teas in the future. Sigh.
This is a lovely tea full of fruity floral notes and a wonderful kiss of honey.
We don’t tend to have many fancy honey onboard but we do pack a basket full of honey bears and this tea requires none of the like. It again is pleasant and while it has a softness of character it doesn’t like to be neglected in the cup longer than 30 minutes. Then the tartness of the tanins kick in but by then you should be well on the way to sipping and putting aside your nightly powerpoints. :)
A fine tea to enjoy with company! I would buy this one again… along with Dawn.

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drank Dawn by The Simple Leaf
80 tasting notes

I wasn’t sure about this tea when we first met it. The smell some said was like chocolate but I didn’t find it so. I was quite taken back by the smell but then my nose has been a bit off as of late… long hours, stress and a sinus cold, again. However, I gave it a go in the pot-o-wonders and it faired well. It brewed a happy hue and a handsome cup! It has this mouthy mourning breakfast cereal taste which I find quiet pleasing and goes wonderfully with milk (which I am trying to kill off as I am off to sea yet again).

I am afraid this tea will be traveling with be on my next journey… so say farewell to dry land as I take no sissy teas with me! Aaarrgh! :P

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drank Casablanca by Mariage Frères
80 tasting notes

The more I drink of this the more I am assured that I honestly enjoy the Aveda version better. The sweet temped bit of chicory is missed in this brew but come summer this is a perfect tea to enjoy well chilled. Perhaps with a hint of lemon and basil? Experiment!


Yesss Aveda tea is the best (and has basil in it) :)


That’s it I knew I liked it for a reason!

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drank Blue Mood by THE O DOR
80 tasting notes

A pleasingly strawberry tea sprinkled with cornflowers. This tea has an interesting after taste that I cant place.
The strawberry reminds me of the strawberry blends you find so often in Teavana not quiet on par with Marco Polo. Its nice… but just nice.

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