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This is rapidly becoming my go to for a banana tea. It has a little less nut influence, and a lot more fruit flavours going on, but the banana is certainly the dominant flavour. I find this one does best with a longer steep and a high water temperature. The banana is such a sweet flavour, that there is no need for any additional sweetening.

As I work my way through today’s apparent banana fixation, this one was a good place to pass through!


I wonder how this would have tasted cold brewed. I got rid of what I had prior to learning the cold brewing method.


I have a bunch I got on sale a while ago, I shall set some up to cold steep tm and we will see what we get!


haha I shall keep my eye open for that tasting note.

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drank Banana Nut Bread by DAVIDsTEA
513 tasting notes

I keep coming back to this tea because I like the concept so much. And we may have big tin I got on sale before I really understood what tea was like to finish… It just is not the most flavourful tea. I love Teavanna’s Banana Foster, and I wish this one delivered on the juicy banana in the same way. Instead it always clocks in at watery and uninteresting. Great concept, but mediocre application, in my opinion.

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drank Passion Berry by Teavana
513 tasting notes

This tea seems to have disappeared from the Teavanna website. That is too bad because it really is a good tea. Admittedly, it is a doppelganger for the Passion tea at Starbucks, and similar to David’s Kanpe Tea, but I really enjoy it. There is a lot of hibiscus in it, but not bitter hibiscus, just great fruit flavours.

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I finally got around to tasting my batch of this one over a shared cup with a friend last night. This truly was interesting, but in a good way. Like other reviewers said, it did actually have that root beer taste to it. I liked it better hot and I might toss in a touch of sweetener next time to tease out more of the pop flavour. That being said, spot on flavour wise.

My only gripe with this tea would be that my cup was very murky. Has anyone else had this issue with it? It was more than an oil scum, the top of the tea was downright grainy. I did toss it through a metal infused, so next time I am going to try a finer filter bag, but it would be nice to get rid of a bit of the muck because it did detract from the tea for me. Otherwise, it was a fun tea to try.

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This is such an interesting white tea. Very different from the other white teas, I have. The cucumber is crisp and lends a strong vegetal note to the tea. I don’t reach for it all the time, but it is perfect when I am looking for something a little different!


I have some of this too, it is interesting. I agree not an everyday tea, but fun once and awhile. :))


I like it as a bit of a palate cleanser between fruity teas. It is a very different taste, but pleasant nonetheless.

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drank Mango Madness by DAVIDsTEA
513 tasting notes

What a difference water temperature makes! This tea was already one enjoyed, with a whole pile of different flavours going on, but with a cooler water temp the mango really, really began to shine through.

This became far more the super mango tea I had always been imagining when I picked it and Mango Fruit Punch up, without the bitter citrus note Mango Fruit Punch offers if you don’t brew it exactly right.

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drank Sweet Strawberry by DAVIDsTEA
513 tasting notes

I am more and more in love with this tea every time I drink it. I know people don’t love it, but it is one of my favourite strawberry teas. The very sweet berry notes compared to the subtler base notes of the tea. It does taste like an overripe berry a bit, but I like my strawberries super ripe so that was a great thing in my books!


Hey, if you love it, that’s all that matters! I haven’t tried this yet but you make me want to give it a chance.


I actually enjoy this more the more often I have it.


Me too! I wasn’t positive on the first cup, but now I keep going back. I fear it may be addictive.

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drank Movie Night by DAVIDsTEA
513 tasting notes

I don’t know if this is more of a review of this tea or a rave review of my timolino. I brewed this up at eight am yesterday, sealed it in the timilino and forgot about it. When I finally got to it at seven pm it was still warm. Not piping hot, but warm and definitely drinkable. I don’t love to brew in the timolino, but it does great things with my brewed up teas I seal in there.

As for the tea, apple-y goodness as always. I love the touch of popcorn and the green tea peaking through. A fun tea with a unique taste!

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drank Forever Nuts by DAVIDsTEA
513 tasting notes

You know you live with a fellow tea addict when, after a lovely supper, he proposes over a shared pot of forever nuts. :-P Apt, as we are pretty crazy about each other, and about this tea. We have a set of shelves bursting with teas, and this is the one we go through with the most reliability. The nutty warmth is so nicely balanced by the apple and cinnamon. I am not a fan of teas with a ton of cinnamon, but this one hits the right balance. It is versatile enough that it makes a great iced tea too. This is one of my favourite teas to unwind with after a long day.




:) Congratulations!


Thank-you!! :)




Congratulations! Its nice to have similar passions especially when it’s something you can share every day!


Fantastic! Congrats!! :)


That’s amazing news. Congratulations!


Aww! Congrats!


Thanks again, we are pretty thrilled!

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My friend brewed me a cup of this to drink while we knitted tonight. Aside from being beyond uninspired by my knitting project (which never happens to me, I love knitting!) the tea was delightful. Vegetal green balanced by a bit of citrus notes. It was very much a green tea, but the fruit flavour was present enough to give it a bit of interest for me. My friend is not a finicky with water temperature as I have become, so I was worried it might get bitter, but it was totally alright! However, I did trade her for a bit to take home, so I can’t wait to see how it performs under more regulated steeping conditions. I think I have found my classroom tea for tomorrow! And given that the kids and I are still tracking to school in subarctic temperatures, I think sticking with the tropical theme is a great plan.

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