I did not like this.

First sip was very… uninteresting. I was expecting something with more funk considering this is such a new ripe.
The aftertaste reminds me of vitamins that I was forced to eat every morning as a child. Ugh

The vitamin taste didn’t go away in future steeps either… More bitterness came out and perhaps some hint of dark chocolate flavor? I’m not sure since I don’t like dark chocolate.

I noticed that the leaves was more stuck together in the gaiwan compared to other pu erh. Maybe it’s because it’s so freshly pressed? I’m not sure.

Overall, I think I just don’t like the shou profile from White2Tea… I really like their sheng but haven’t found a shou I enjoyed from them yet. (I don’t like 2015 & 2016 Brown Sugar either.)

I’ll probably put this away and see if it gets better… or give it away in a tea box…

Flavors: Bitter, Mineral

Boiling 6 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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