drank 2016 A&P by white2tea
27 tasting notes

I brewed this both gongfu and western style.

Gongfu style:
the taste was unexpected. I thought it would be sweeter, but it was malty and reminded me of barley tea (in a good way). I liked it but wasn’t sure if I’d repurchase.

Western style:
brewed 4.8 g in around 12-14 ozs of boiling water.
First sip (while it was hotter) yielded similar tastes as gongfu style. However, as the tea cooled down, I tasted a bit of milk chocolate, which was a pleasant surprise. I’m actually more willing to repurchase this for western style brewing.

Now I just have to try this grandpa :P It might be a very versatile tea!

Flavors: Chocolate, Malt, Roasted Barley

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