I bought a sample from when LP put up some during his birthday sale but couldn’t find the listing so used the original listing in the description.

2019 Bubble gum
5.7g, 100mL gaiwan, Poland spring bottled water, 212f
5s rinse
First time trying a yesheng. Dry leaf has nothing particular in the smell, just the classic dried fruitiness of shengs.
Wet leaf has a light fruity smokiness
5s: a light floral, somewhat pea like. A mellow honeyed sweetness.
10s: tiny hint of bitterness and astringency creeps in, but otherwise similar to before. Somewhat lighter. The aftertaste is subtle and doesn’t bowl you over, but I do understand why LP called it “bubble gum” now. Fruity high notes in a bubble gum sort of way.
2 days later… (story time: skip past parentheses if no interest. campus security likes to do this thing every once in a while where they trigger the fire alarms in every building and go through people’s rooms for contraband. I usually stuff my kettle in a drawer, but just so happened to have to run to host a TA session beforehand and had my kettle taken. long story short, I had to borrow a friend’s kettle two days later once the caffeine withdrawal effects started getting really bad to finish up this session. Not sure if that’s affected anything here, since I’ve long since had a bad habit of taking multiple days to finish up notes when busy, but thought I’d make a note here. My new kettle won’t be around for a few days, so I’ll have to stick with cold brews in the meantime.)
14s: a sort of almost soapy floral in that green oolong sort of way. A wisp of bitter that disappears quickly.
18s: soapy green oolong all the way.
30s: similar to before. Maybe it’s bc I’ve been drinking too much aged puer lately, but this tastes to me more like a soapy floral tea that you might get with some dimsum rather than a young sheng. Light sweet aftertaste, with a hint of mint, reinforcing my green oolong associations. So far, 2nd steeping was nice, but these ones were underwhelming. This tea feels too delicate, when I suppose my tastes have shifted towards stronger aged woody, medicinal profiles.
1 min: kinda flat. Nothing exciting.
5 min: astringent, a little sharp. Like if you slightly oversteeped jasmine tea w boiling water
Calling it quits here. Will toss the rest into cold brew, since if a 5 min brew couldn’t coax anything, I wouldn’t bet much on subsequent steepings.

This was the first yesheng I’ve tried, so if this is representative of good yesheng, I will probably avoid yesheng in the future.

edit: stomach pains. Continued the session right after eating lunch, but this is another reason why I’ve had to limit young sheng consumption lol. my stomach is pretty weak and can’t seem to handle younger stuff lately, even when this brewed seemed pretty delicate to me.


I have to be careful with young stuff as well. Has had me sourcing older stuff myself.

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I have to be careful with young stuff as well. Has had me sourcing older stuff myself.

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Just a chronicle of a stranger’s tea journey. Trying to learn!!

As of 4/21/21, I will no longer assign numerical ratings to a tea unless it is terrible enough to warrant one. There are a fair amount of solid teas out there, and reading mildly subjective reviews from others > very subjective numerical rating that gets skewed by Steepster’s calculating system anyway.



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