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A previous review says this tea tastes like cinnamon valentine hearts, and that’s what I’m thinking of as I drink it. The cinnamon is sweet with a bit of a burn in the back of my throat, and also a tiny bit of chalkiness going down. I really enjoy it as sweet teas are my thing.
It doesn’t have a lot of caffeine either so I can have a second cup of this one in the morning.
smell: sweet cinnamon, bit of orange
sip: a smooth gentle sweetness on my tongue
swallow: sweet with a bit of heat going down
aftertaste: VERY faint spice burn

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I’ve been drinking this tea more frequently. In my previous review, I said it could be sweeter, but actually I find myself enjoying it as is. The pear taste is not overwhelming. It’s very smooth. I imagine this is what a ghost-pear might taste like. I get the scent and taste of pear and then it disappears off my tongue. There is a very faint bitter aftertaste that motivates me to take the next sip. This has risen to become one of my favorites.

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This tea is very sweet, it’s almost hard to believe there’s no sugar in it. While I’m sipping it in the middle of Summer, the taste brings me right to October. It’s sweet and warming and smells like cinnamon. If you like sweet teas that evoke a cozy Fall, I’d recommend this.

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drank Glazed Lemon Loaf by Tazo
12 tasting notes

This tea smells exactly right and tastes very pleasant. It is not sweet, but it does leave the aftertaste of pound cake.

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It does smell and taste strongly of pumpkin, but the taste is bitter. Next time I’ll try it with some stevia or honey.

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It smelled nice but tasted very bitter. Next time I’ll try it with honey or stevia and review it again.

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drank Jingle Bell by Market Spice
12 tasting notes

A previous reviewer described this tea as “pre-sweetened” and like a “dessert tea,” and the description on the site says it includes stevia leaves for sweetening.

That is exactly what I wanted as I am on a quest to find another sugarless tea that is very sweet to help me keep drinking tea instead of sugary lattes. But I do not taste one iota of sweetness in this tea. It smells like coffee creamer with fruit. It’s pretty bitter, maybe because I was really expecting this one to be sweet and am disappointed? I dislike the aftertaste. This is not a tea I’ll want to sip again soon.

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This tea is sweet, but not as sweet as their signature cinnamon-orange tea.
I like it, but despite being described on the website as “like candy in a cup,” it could be sweeter.

Ingredients: Hunan Black Tea, Cinnamon Chips, Cloves, Star Anise, Stevia herb, Pear and Cinnamon Flavoring.

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From the description on the site: “A cup of this tea will take you back to the amusement park! It tastes and smells just like a traditional caramel apple.”

I just- don’t get that? Maybe because I was expecting this tea to be sweeter, but I don’t feel any nostalgia or feel like this is reminiscent of a caramel apple.
This tea is not for me.

Ingredients: Hunan Black Tea, Lemon Peel, Caramel and Apple Flavoring.

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I’m on a quest for sugar-free teas that are still really sweet w/o me having to add any sweetener. I don’t mean subtly sweet, I mean SWEET!

Winners for me So far:
Market Spice Cinnamon-Orange
Market Spice Spiced Pear
Hot Cinnamon Spice by Harney & Sons

Discovering new sweet tea is my happy place right now- the right tea wraps my heart in a blanket.

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