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I got this tea from DAVIDsTEA, because I want to try herbal blend, tisane, and being organic. Certainly the cute name helps. and I love lemongrass.

But when I taste it, it disappointed me. It tastes very shallow, plain, without much sophistication of texture or aroma. I drank it in the afternoon. it didn’t make me sleepy, luckily, lol.

Does anyone recommend any really good herbal blend?

carol who

You are lucky you live in SF. They have a lot of tea shops. Most tea shops give sample tastes and that might be a good way to explore herbal blends. There are soooooo many I couldn’t even guess to tell you where to start. I found out early on that I don’t like hibiscus so now I know to avoid that. You’ll probably have to try a bunch to see what you like. Have fun!


hi Carol, yeah, I keep discovering tea shops in SF…today just found a new one through twitter, called Songtea.com, looks very expensive, though. where do you live? not even Teavana or DAVIDstea?

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drank houjicha by Imperial Tea
3 tasting notes

my first time to try houjicha. I steeped it in my tea pot after water cooled down for a couple of minutes in the kettle. by the way, I am not a measuring type. it smells wonderful, reminds me of rice getting steamed with a slight crust in mom’s kitchen. it has full body when I feel the liquor in the mouth. It has a taste of again, rice crust, distinct after-taste on the tongue. Color is a warm golden brown. Overall, I feel this is a good everyday household tea that will go well with eating meals.
Oh, I found out about houjicha on twitter. https://twitter.com/ligongsf/status/460533938968985601
it has lower caffeine, because it is made of mostly green tea stems and twigs…I guess traditionally it would be considered cheap tea. So it turns out extra surprising. it was quite cheap, too. I paid like $12 for 2 or 4 oz…

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I got this in Imperial Tea shop in Ferry Bldg of San Francisco…don’t know the producer’s name. owner said it is mao jian type. The leaves are very green, slender, pretty, unlike typical brownish leaves. it has an aroma of refreshing grassy aroma. it tastes smooth, light, and refreshing…overall, quite light, after steeping twice, it tastes almost like water…So i guess low-caffeine. i feel very refreshed

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i can’t upload my picture here, tried 3 times. my pic is in my computer…very frustrated

Terri HarpLady

I hate when that happens! Probably if you go back later & edit you’ll be able to get the pic to upload :)


imperial tea court images copyrighted.

Imperial Tea Court

will you give the same review on our website that is www.imperialtea.com. It will really helpful to other customers to understand tea by reading your review.

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relearning about tea, in a modern way…I meant I grew up in China, now in US (mostly San Francisco) for 18 years, did grad school in social science at Stanford and work in silicon valley. I feel calm and wise enough now to learn sipping tea in a new way. I observe interest in tea has been growing in US. But I don’t know if people are more interested in pure tea leaves or blended flavored teas.


san francisco

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