Note: This is an edited version of a review I posted to one of my Tumblr accounts.

I added: Sugar.
Smell (dry): Sweet cinnamon. Smells just like a cinnamon roll, right down to the warm bready-smell. Lovely.
Smell (brewed): Like Christmas. (Well… it does! It smells like a cinnamon Christmas candle.)
Color (brewed): Red-gold. (If it’s more red, add water. If it’s more gold, add a tiny bit more tea or perhaps steep longer.)

Taste (plain): A bit harshly-cinnamony with a touch of sweetness. Just sort of okay unless you like strong cinnamon taste. I sort of think it has a sort of “dry” aftertaste that makes me feel like I was licking a cinnamon stick.

Taste (sugared): Lovely cinnamon-sugar taste. Sugar seems to smooth out the flavors.

When I tried it first, it was a bit too hot, a bit too strong, and a bit too cinnamon-y, so I’m afraid I can’t wax eloquent about the taste – I simply am not able to do more than say, “This is very nice with the sugar!” Maybe I’ll re-review this tea in a few weeks. (I’m not sure how Steepster works yet – but I would likely edit this post to add it to the end.)

Other comments: This is another of the flavors I purchased a few months ago… my records say December. It seems to have held up very well in the last 5 months and some.

After I finished my first cup, I read the first page of reviews for this tea here on Steepster and saw that someone didn’t like it until they’d let it steep for much longer than you’re “supposed” to. I tried that trick, but it’s probably a bit “too late” for my tastebuds tonight to taste subtle flavors. But I can say that I think that the taste comes through better after it’s had a chance to cool down a bit, so it won’t hurt for me to recommend you let it steep for longer.

Bonus! It’s caffiene free! Maybe I’ll actually get some sleep tonight…

Would I buy it again?: If it tasted like it smelled, I’d buy it every time. As it stands, it’s a solid “maybe” (as I’ve said 52 Teas has a lot of very interesting flavors to try). I’d probably crave it more around the start of the Christmas season, because it’s one of those sorts of teas.

Would I recommend it?: Well, it’s one of those, “was originally Limited Edition and now is standard edition” teas, so I know a lot of people must have liked it. If you like cinnamon or things that taste like Christmas, I say you should give it a try. :) If nothing else, it smells amazing!

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