199 Tasting Notes

drank Yame Shincha 2015 by Steepster
199 tasting notes

Very nice shincha. Light and sweet, very delicate flavor.

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Here’s Hoping TTB
Sigh… this doesn’t taste like rose.
It doesn’t even really taste like oolong.

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Here’s hoping TTB
This one gets a rousing “meh.” on the how-good-is-this-tea-o-meter. It’s semi-floral and was okay at first, but gets really bitter at the end of the cup when it’s cooled off a little.

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Here’s hoping TTB

Here’s hoping I can read next time :/
I didn’t see it said chocolate and I really hate chocolate. It tastes just like chocolate ice cream, which I’m sure is appealing to someone lol

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Instead of trying to review every tea from the last weekend (I can’t really remember details), I’ll put them here.

1: Bigelow Ceylon Teabag – First of all, yuck. Second of all, why does an airplane only have one kind of tea? I asked the flight attendant for hot tea and asked what kinds they had and she was all “I don’t know. It’s in a bag or something.” _

2: 2006 Jinggu Ripe Dragon Egg Pu-erh – This is a very smooth and lovely shou. Light caramel color, so not as dark as a lot of shous that I’ve had. Overall, a really good tea from the Here’s hoping TTB

3: Blood Orange Pu-erh – I’m not sure which company this was from since I don’t have the bag in front of me.. But this was really good. A nice subtle tang from the blood orange without having that pith taste that a lot of citrus teas have.. Really well balanced. From the Here’s Hoping TTB

4. Lemon Rose Bud (Fusion Teas) – Another from the Here’s Hoping TTB. Really light and flavorful. I’m enjoying the lemon taste even though most lemon teas don’t do it for me. I really like lemon to be in your face. This isn’t tart, but it’s nice and soothing.


And yes, I went seven days and only drank four teas :( The downfalls of traveling and being super busy.


Having a fun trip is more important than tea. :D

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Sheng/Shou TTB
This is a very nicely aged shupu.. Really creamy with subtle notes of smoke, wood, and a little fruit. Sits very nicely in the stomach and just makes you feel really good. I might be a little teadrunkkkkkkk XD

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Sheng/Shou TTB
A nice, growing sheng. No bitterness/astringency and an earthy, smoky flavor. Notes of wet hay and wood. Nothing special about this tea, but a very easy drinker.

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Sheng/Shou TTB
Maybe it’s all the other shengs I’ve had recently, but I’m not a huge fan of this. For a young sheng, there’s very little bitterness or astringency. The problem is that there’s not really a pronounced flavor to this tea. It’s kind of watery and boring. Maybe it’ll grow with age, but I wouldn’t recommend having this cake for another few years.

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Sheng/Shou TTB
A very smooth drinker with a mild taste of astringency. Kinda tastes like a green tea and has some sweet buttery notes. Also has a mild apple taste, but the skin taste lingers, like on a red delicious apple – that’s where the astringency kicks in. Overall, it’s a pretty nice tea.

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Learning more about tea every day.

Likes: Greens, whites, oolongs, blacks, and herbals! Just depends on the mood :)
Dislikes: Coconut, melon, chocolate, peach, cherry

I also collect antique teaware (Chinese and Japanese).

I’d love to try new types, varieties, etc. I’m still exploring pu-erh to make a complete decision whether to keep trying it or just count it as a loss.

I’d love to trade with anyone who likes something that I might have! I just have to get everything added to my cupboard first :)


Virginia, USA

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