Wow! This one really surprised me this morning, and it fully did what I describe as my “90s” for tea ratings – stopped me in my tracks and made me sit down and just enjoy the cup of tea. This is why I enjoy doing a traveling teabox, not just to learn about different teas specifically, but also to learn – or pay attention to – different tea companies. Once I looked this tea up, it doesn’t look very readily available here in the US, but I’m quite sure I saw this in many shops in my travels in Canada and didn’t even think about buying it – lots of wooden box and special edition tins that read as tourist traps to me. I’ll be taking a second look at them the next time I travel up north!

What a delightful cup of tea. Not as strong as I generally like, but very pleasing. The “cream” element does make for delightful mouthfeel, without adding milk. And the flavor was light and enjoyable and not in the least bit bitter or harsh.

I would leap at the chance to buy this if I saw it in a store!

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Most Enjoys:
A strong black tea, preferably from Sri Lanka or India. I tend to steep it a little over to get just a touch of bitterness, which I enjoy.

My Ratings:
100-90: One of my favorites, a tea that stopped me from doing whatever I was doing, to just enjoy its flavor.
89-80: I would buy again, I enjoy, but one that I can have while rushing around or reading or internet browsing – my standard breakfast teas probably fall in this range. I very much enjoy them.
79-70: An good tea. It’s pleasing in some way and I may buy it again but I wouldn’t go out of my way to make sure I have it in stock.
69-60: A tea I enjoyed, but nothing really stood out to me.
59-50: Better than average, but nothing that delighted or pleased me. It was fine.
49-1: Varying degrees of I didn’t enjoy this tea. The lower the rating goes, the more there was at least one element that I actively did not like.


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