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I like minty flavors in gum (or chocolate! or ice cream!), so while this tea is good, it’s not necessarily something I gravitate toward. That being said, it’s very refreshing iced on a summer day, possibly mixing it with some lemonade!

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A must if you have a steam wand at your disposal, or if you plan to heat milk for a chai latte! However, as it is concentrate, it will not keep for much more than a week so it should be consumed within that timeframe. Cozy and comforting, perfect for a chilly day!

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I had the opportunity to try it as a sample (I have family who live in TX. They stopped by Fusion Tea’s table display, and thoughtfully picked up an assortment of samples for me to try!). This ended up being one of my favorites after a single cup! Now I regularly keep it stocked in my cupboard.

Full-bodied flavor that lasts through three steeps, and one of the few I’m willing to drink iced! I usually tend to stay away from bold fruits as they tend to be too sweet for me, but this blend’s balance works for me. Every one of my friends who has tried it has REALLY enjoyed it!

Personal prep: Boil water, 1st steep for five minutes, 2nd steep for eight.

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I drink this virtually every morning! Plenty of flavor, just enough caffeine to start my day, and I heartily recommend it.

If you want to make this with “extra Irish,” try it with Jameson Irish Whiskey. ;-)

Personal prep: Heat the kettle to just before whistling, steep for two minutes, add a splash of milk and a pinch of sugar. For a second steep, increase time to three minutes.

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I’m an avid drinker of black, green, and white teas. I also enjoy oolong and the occasional herbal. I am somewhat experimental by blending my own teas from what’s in my cupboard, which is a collection of local shops and larger online retailers.

I strongly prefer hot tea over iced, without sugar, and only rarely add milk, usually to cool down my black teas.

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