31 Tasting Notes


I’m not eating gluten as for the moment so perhaps my sense of taste has gone awry, but I swear this tastes like a fresh-from-the-oven loaf of brioche or challah with yam and cinnamon notes. But definitely sweet, warm, yeasty bread.

Flavors: Bread, Honey, Stonefruit, Straw, Sugarcane, Sweet, Yams, Yeast

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I love this tea. I’ll write more later.

Flavors: Hay, Honey, Leather, Malt, Sweet Potatoes

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I not know if I’m qualified to be judging oolong yet, so I won’t rate this. But thus tea was fantastic. Sweet, creamy, fruity, delightful. It confirms what I thought, I love green oolong!

Flavors: Butter, Cream, Fruity, Sweet

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Another of the samples from Harney and Sons. Wow. I’m blown away. I’m still fairly new to tea, and this is the first time I’ve had loose, unflavored, unblended Assam. I was expecting glorified Lipton, if I’m to be quite honest. But instead I got rich burnt sugar, like molasses rich, with the slightest astringency so the taste sticks in my mouth. I may never drink my beloved twinings breakfast blends again. I love this so much.

Flavors: Burnt Sugar, Molasses, Vanilla

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I did not expect to like this tea. I just ordered a bunch of tea from Harney and Sons and they were nice enough to send me some sampled. This particular sample was lovely, like a rooftop flower garden in Paris in the spring, if that’s even a thing. If I had to describe the taste, I would have to say flowers. No flower in particular, just a nice round floral. Absolutely delightful.

Flavors: Floral, Flowers, Salt

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I last reviewed this tea maybe 8 months ago. I enjoyed it then, I enjoy it now. I’ll skip the flowery language this time. It’s sweet, earthy, and rich with just a hint of coconut floral. I don’t want to rate this tea, as it’s my only puer ever and I’m sure better puer exists, but from the standpoint of someone who is used to grocery store black tea, I’m loving this.

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I normally hate hibiscus-y teas, but I enjoyed this one. It’s exactly what it claims to be, orangey and tart. Not my ideal tea, but good enough. And hibiscus tea is another way to get some vitamin c so that’s a plus too.

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I really wanted to love this tea. I do like it. It is warm and spicy and sweet, and it cannot be oversteeped. However, the taste might actually be almost too sweet. I’ll cite stevia for this cloying sweetness. But not bad.

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I don’t love this. It tastes kind of artificial and tart. I’m sure someone could love this, especially someone who likes fruity teas. I am not that person. It’s not bad for a bagged tea, but it’s not to my taste.

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