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I tried this at the mall about a week ago but missed reviewing it.

My friend had mentioned to me that this is a good tea, so I figured I’d try it. I tried it cold. I did not like it cold. This was just not a good experience. I LOVE mint teas. They’re my favorites. But I don’t know with this one. The licorice came through in an overpowering way. I think I’m just not a fan of licorice…I’ve had this, Licorice Twist, and Bravissimo all cold and the licorice flavor turned me off. If you like licorice this might be okay.

This tea has potential. It smells good, so maybe it would be better hot. I will try this again as a hot tea and write another review, but as of right now, I strongly disliked this cold.

Flavors: Licorice, Mint, Spices

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Soooo…this was the third tea that I tried today! I may have a slight tea problem lol.
I think I’ve had this in a sample before, but while I was in store today I asked to smell it. It smelled so lovely! Really sweet though. I wasn’t originally planning on buying any, but when the lady helping me said it’s discontinued now and the big tin she had was all that they have left I caved and bought 52g.

I find this tea to be realllllllly sweet. I don’t usually like things this sweet, but this tea isn’t all that bad. It lives up to its name, that’s for sure. It is very creamy and rich, almost dessert-like. Apple definitely comes through in this but its not overpowering. The vanilla flavor is the most prominent. I kind of wish the sweetness was cut back a little bit and it was a bit tangier, but hey! It is what it is! I’ll definitely be enjoying my last little bit of this tea. Its not my favorite, but its good for a night when you need something sweet!

Flavors: Apple, Creamy, Sweet, Vanilla

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Today was a busy day with tea in my world! I picked up a cold brew of this in store today to give it a taste. I was impressed! It was good! While I was there I also picked up a bag of Apple Custard and some Sunny Citrus to try at home (I tried the three within a six hour span…oops!)

I would say that the main flavor comes out most in the aftertaste. I am terrible with describing flavors so I won’t try to pick out the mango or orange flavors here and there. It was just very fruity and delicious! I didn’t get any sweetener in this, but I would definitely add it next time…I think it would bring out the flavors even more. I would drink this again, and I’m debating picking up a tin to have at home!

Flavors: Fruit Punch, Fruity, Mango, Orange, Pleasantly Sour, Tangy, Tropical

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Sooooo…. this tea is kind of confusing me. I have been shopping at DAVIDsTEA for a couple years now and I’ve heard that this tea is THE BEST. I haven’t tried it until now. I have always imagined that it would be like drinking peanut butter. I like peanut butter, but I didn’t like the idea of drinking it really so it never interested me…The only reason I’m drinking this right now is because it was in the 12 Days of Tea collection.

Dry, this smells really nutty (which is pretty obvious lol) but also kind of spicy. I smelled cloves in this, although I don’t remember if they’re actually in this tea. There is also a very strong cinnamon smell.

This tea isn’t awful, and I hope you don’t get the wrong impression from my review. It was just not as peanut-y as I assumed it would be. It’s more of an apple-cinnamon flavor. I cannot think of what it reminds me of, although I know it reminds me of some sort of cookie or something (one other reviewer said it tastes like mini donuts – this might be what I’m thinking of…). It smells really yummy, but I think the smell is better than the taste. It’s very cinnamony and brown sugar-y but not as nutty as I was expecting (and more apple-y than I was expecting).

Would I drink this again? Yes. But only because I still have some left. I wouldn’t buy a tin of this, but it could definitely be a lot worse than this.
(For a nutty tea, I prefer Bubbie’s Baklava)

Flavors: Apple, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon, Nutty, Spices

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I love minty tea, and this one delivers.

I first got this in 2013 as a Christmas gift (100g from a couple people, so I had lots to enjoy!) and I absolutely loved it. Candy canes are one of my favorite things of the holidays, and this tea has little candy cane sprinkles in it! So cute! I think that’s the main reason why my friends gifted it to me haha. Anyways, the tea from 2013 lasted me all year. It’s something that I drank no matter what season, but 200g goes a long way! When I saw that this was back as a 2014 holiday tea and that my stock needed replenishing, I jumped on the opportunity, purchasing about 80g worth.

To talk about the flavors, this tea has a very strong black tea flavor which I love. It’s really comforting. It isn’t overpoweringly minty; the mint is nice and subtle, but is definitely a candy cane-ish mint. This also has a hint of vanilla. It all works really well together! I like my tea really strong so I leave my tea bag in the whole time, but some people might find this a bit too strong if they do that.
I also like how this tea has caffeine.

I would definitely recommend this if you like something minty!

Flavors: Peppermint, Vanilla

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Mmmmmm this tea is tasty. Perfect on a cold day! I wanted to try something new from David’s so I took a chance and bought 100g of this while they had a sale on. It was a good chance to take!

This is a pretty spicy tea. The cloves are really coming through in this one. I like the flavor of cloves though so it isn’t a bad thing really (although I don’t leave the tea bag in the whole time for this one because the clove flavor can get a bit too strong – it’s easy to manage though). The “glitter and gold” aspect of the tea is kind of whimsical too! The shimmering tea is really pretty to look at. The balls of sugar do make the tea sweet, so it’s not an overpowering spice.

This isn’t a tea that I drink on a regular basis so I don’t think I will need to replenish my stock anytime soon, but I do really like it and probably will get some more of it eventually!

I would recommend this to anybody who is new to DAVIDsTEA and wants to try a really popular flavor with a unique twist.

Flavors: Cinnamon, Cloves, Spices, Sweet

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I love mint teas. I find them very comforting. When I got this in my 12 Days of Tea from DAVIDsTEA I was excited to try it. Then I got really confused. I had two tins of Mint to Be in the collection, but I was missing Cream of Earl Grey. Dry, the two look similar, so it was kind of hard to differentiate between the two in such small containers and I couldn’t tell if they were the same or if CoEG was placed in the wrong tin. It was kind of a hassle and I thought I had it figured out the other day when I wanted to have a minty tea….except it was CoEG. I can’t win! Today I decided I’d try this one, which is now clearly Mint to Be.

I don’t really smell mint in this dry tea. I don’t know what it smells like. To me, it smells similar to CoEG, but that could just be because of the confusion with the two tins (haha). I didn’t smell much mint or coconut really, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I made this as a hot tea. When I make my teas hot, the tea bag stays in for a long time. I’m not into timing my tea and taking the water temperature…too much work for me. Plus, I like my tea really strong.

I don’t understand this tea at all. It isn’t awful. I don’t taste mint until after I have taken a sip…its more of an aftertaste to me. Also, I find this tea kind of chocolatey, and I’m not a huge fan of chocolate flavored things that aren’t chocolates. I don’t taste coconut at all. Also, it kind of tasted like caramel to me. I was expecting this to be a lot mintier than it is, so I was kind of disappointed.

I’ve seen that a lot of people have compared it to Read My Lips and Santa’s Secret. I’ve never had Read My Lips, but Santa’s Secret is one of my favorites. If I had to choose between Santa’s Secret and Mint to Be, I’d pick Santa’s Secret in a heartbeat. It is mintier and creamier. Mint to Be just isn’t living up to my expectations.

Flavors: Butterscotch, Caramel, Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Mint

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This was another tea that I have been very stoked to try, so I picked up a sample size at David’s the other day.

Dry it smells very citrusy. VERY citrusy. I guess that is to be expected when the description of the tea is “citrus-mint” though! I made this tea cold by putting a tea bag in a water bottle with some ice, and then I left the bag in the whole time I drank it.

I liked this tea. I didn’t love it. I still found the citrus to be quite strong when I drank it, and it was a little too citrusy for my taste (kind of sour!). It wasn’t awful though. It was definitely a refreshing drink! I didn’t get any strong mint flavors from this.

So to finish… I would drink this tea cold again, but it definitely doesn’t compare to teas like Magic Dragon or Ginger Pear cold. I have enough left to try making it hot, and then I will decide if I want to purchase more of this. As of right now, I am content with not having a large tin of this on my shelf.

Also, on a side note, those little tins that come in the David’s Tea three packs of tea (like the Black Tea Collection, for example) are the perfect size for picking up enough to sample at home. I will definitely be using this method all the time!

Flavors: Apple, Bitter, Citrus, Citrus Fruits, Citrusy, Fruity, Mint, Sour

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I’ve been wanting to try this tea for a long time now and I finally have! I went into DT when they had a buy 2×100g get 100g free sale. I was looking to try something new, so I decided to go with this one.

I will start off by saying that this tea smells delicious. It is very sweet smelling, kind of like caramel corn, but also fruity in a (good) way. The taste is very similar to the smell. I did find this tea to be very sweet, almost too sweet for my liking, but it is good for a treat now and then!

I don’t think I will be replenishing my stock, but it is a pretty decent tea. I would definitely drink it again, it just isn’t one of my favorites.

Recommended if you want to try something very unique.

Flavors: Apple, Caramel, Popcorn, Sweet

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