So, I went to the supermarket today with someone I know, because she doesn’t have a car, and she needs someone to push the cart back to the dorms for her. I didn’t have anything better to do anyway. She buys a lot of stuff at once, and I’m more prone to going to the market once or twice a week on bike, and getting small batches of food. So I got an issue of Newsweek, A bunch of bananas, and I noticed this tea, so I grabbed it to.

Initial thought upon sipping this – it tastes like Lipton’s. Perhaps I haven’t had a cup of Lipton’s in a while, but the taste seemed rather similar – better, though. I think what did it for me, is my memories with tea when I was younger, when my mother made it for me when i was sick. It was a bag of Lipton, with sugar and lemon. (A small note – she still drinks it that way, though I’ve tried to open her to good teas.)
So, I checked the ingredients, and – lo and behold: Evaporated Cane Juice, and Lemon Juice. I think it was those two ingredients, mixed in with the fact that this brew has such a light flavor – none of the peculiar, arguably unpleasant, tastes you get when you brew mate yourself. I’m assuming they don’t want to scare away a potential market that can’t handle weird, strong tastes.

In general, I like it. Not something I’d pick up when I was craving mate, but it’s a nice alternative to soda to keep around – well, it would be, if it weren’t five times as expensive. But, maybe for someone that’s an addict to getting grandesupermochafrappacappaccinoextrahotextrafoamwhippedcreamplease coffee at Starbucks or something, this would be a healthier outlet for the money.
It’s a tasty brew, and maybe worth picking up a bottle every time I go to the supermarket – five or ten bucks a week won’t kill me.

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