I’m new here. Trying to learn the art of Gongfu Cha.
About 3 years ago, I saw a video on YouTube about this Way of Tea, and I really wanted to try it. I started buying some teas, from one of those chain tea stores, here in Germany. You know the one’s with who knows what in their teas? But as could be expected I was disappointed. Then one day I took a risk and bought a Menghai 7572 off of Ebay. About a month later this Beeng showed up, at my door, and I sort of fell in love. I tried to tell my family about how awesome this tea stuff is, and of course most everyone didn’t understand and thought perhaps I’ve slipped off the deep end.
I showed a former employer’s wife who just happened to be Chinese, pictures of a Gaiwan that I had just bought, and she started talking to me all about Chinese teas. She told me that everyone drinks tea, and that it is really healthy for you. She also told me she drinks Pu-erh because it helps her with her stomach. The next day she brought a 2006 Long Yuan Hao Beeng into the office and just gave it to me like it was some candy, and said here try this one. That’s when I became addicted. I mean this stuff had some sort of magic inside it, or perhaps it was drugs. I don’t know, all I do know is that I am hooked on Pu-erh.



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