11 Tasting Notes


2015 china wooden tea hous (zhong cha) fu zhuan
2 15 sec rinse
dry leaf is slightly hay with some bready
yeasty notes and some subtle sweetness
wet leaf is of hay caramelized sugar
some fruity notes maybe like cherry
tea soup is golden brown with the slightest hint of red

firt infusion 45 sec: yeasty and doughy with slight hints
of greenness and hay earthiness and just an aftertaste of floral notes
woddiness slight green roughness

second infusion 30 sec: woody notes upfront with some
yeasty bready notes slightly savory in taste with just a hint
of sweetness earthiness s a back note

third infusion 1:00 mix of hay and wood
also very slightly earthy and minerality at the back of the throat
licking a wet stone with some yeast

fourth infusion 1:30 the greenness really comes through
in the front note the hay and wood notes are off to the side
saltiness in the back of the throat as well as some sweetness

fifth infusion 2:00 color started to lighten here
hay is predominant as well as some minerality
and some sweetness. there is only the slightest hint of
earthiness and the greeness seems to have faded

sixth 2:30 woodiness up front as well as some stony notes
mushroom soup. savory green ness is still there but only lightly
hay only showed up for a moment

seventh 3:00 sweetnesss mostly hay notes are there
very savory this one. some fruitiness by this steep
cherry and cherry sweetness

would i recommend this tea?: yes it would be good for aging

Flavors: Fruity, Hay, Honey, Mushrooms, Yeasty

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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2012 Gao Jian Shan “Qian Liang Cha”
15 sec rinse
10 minute rest
dry leaves smell of honey and earht maybe
slight mushroomy
wet leaves are woody something like
toasted marshmellow and honey
baked crust earthy, some kind of spice like cinnamon
or anise
tea soup is golden brown with slight hints of red and very slightly

first steep 20 sec: a little earth and wet hay
maybe some fruitiness like bananas thick
and viscous no bitterness. seems slightly minty too

second steep 25 sec: mushroom upfront with earthiness
and wet hay on the follow up. yeasty, it seems like im
tasting a little spice in it to. maybe some cinnamon
on the aftertaste. could be five spice
has the taste of honey without the sweetness of honey

third steep 35 sec: darker than earlier steepings
the wet hay is up front. there are flashes of the taste
of honey throughout this infusion. the earthiness
is a bit stronge but very pleasant
the huigan from this is light and subtle but it
sticks to the front teeth. the Qi is calming and relaxing

fourth steep 45 sec:
the color is holding stady at this point
quite sweet, there is something like a brothy
texture to this. the banana that i smelled is
in the middle of this tea right behind the wet hay
earthiness is kinda just lingering maybe
a slight medicinal edge

fifth steep 1:00 the tea soup color is lightening up and seems to
be more clear the honey notes were up front this time
followed by the notes of wet hay
the musty earthy notes are at the base of the flavor
the huigan is stronger this time

sixth steep 1:15: im getting the toasted marshmellow
flavors but strongly for a brief period followed by honey
and the wet hay. earthiness is still in the background
maybe some nuttines

seventh steep 1:30: the color is lighter this time
so this will be my last steeping wet hay is at the forefront this time
followed by earthiness and the hugian is now more subtle
the fruitines is back again. there was something savory about this

would i recoomend this tea?: yes. although i dont know how it will age since its so densly packed

Flavors: Anise, Bread, Cinnamon, Earth, Hay, Honey, Marshmallow

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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2014 Qiao Mu Lang He Raw Pu’er
intuition brewing
10 minute rest
dry leaf is musty with caramelized sugar
wet leaves smell fruity with a hent of camphor
camphor on the dry lid couldent detect anything else in it
wash color is golden with a tinge of red
tea soup smells like caramelized sugar and just a hint of incense
not much smell from empty gongdaobei

steep one: the color is about the same as the rinse some mustiness and
earthiness but not overwhelming
some floral sweetniss but just a hint wet hay
decaying hay. cooked rice. the texture is thick and viscous
cooling camphor feeling in mouth

steep two: color is a little more red than gold now no fruitiness like i
smelled in it the mustiness is there along with the wet hay. not particularly
earthy this steeping there i some minerality like licking a wet rock
woodiness there is a “Sandy” taste to this. it may be dirt. a slight warming
effect in the mouth. very interesting

steep three: the color is mainly red this time. savory and creamy. the rice
flavor comes in after the wet hay and sticks around in the after taste the
hay and wet rock flavor is up front it has a quick drying and chalky texture
so maybe a little astringent just the hint of hui gan

steep four:color looks more brown this time with hints of red probably underbrewed
wood and stone up front in this brew rice also comes through along with
wet hay and decaying hay savory with a hint of what i think might be flowers
there is earth and a very light huigan

steep five:brew is ruby red this time wet hay upfront with just the tiniest hint of a
metallic taste minerality and the chalky feeling hangs in the after taste
slight hint of the mustiness is there surprisingly. just a hint of mint for a second

steep six: brewed up more red but the metallic edge is more upfront
i am still getting some hay which is good. camphor very light
the wet stone is there. so theres inerality. slight earthiness
the wet hay note is there mustiness and something else familiar
in the after note. very very tiny bitterness

steep seven (last steeping): the color is deep red still. there is a mintyness to
this one. there is a cooling feeling on the roof of the mouth there is something reminiscent
of shou in here but i cant quite decipher what the flavor is that the two share
it was mainly minerality this time with slight hints of wet hay and wood.
can get from purple cloud tea house online

Flavors: Camphor, Hay, Limestone, Mineral, Musty, Wet Rocks

200 °F / 93 °C 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

I see the Hukman is in the building.


very much so. i didnt realize how complex wet and humid stored teas could be. its not just “mustiness” it can be broken down farther than that @mrmopar


Yeah you can get lots of notes on humid stored stuff.

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2 15 sec rinse
10 minute “rest”
dry leaves have a slight plum note and the slightest hint
of peat
wet leaves smell of prunes or plums. very slight peat
the slightest hint of caramelized sugar on the gaiwan lid
tea soup has a smell of incense stewed fruit and sweetness
empty gong dao bei smells of caramelized fruit

1st infusion: 45 sec; first infusion brews up pitch black
dark bakers chocolate on first sip slight peatiness
a note that kind of reminds me of tar slight sweetness
the soup is about medium thickness this steep earthy and
maybe decaying wood

2nd infusion 30 sec; the soup is still black the texture is lighter
this infusion. earthiness is up front with what i can describe as
decaying wood following up dark chocolate on the finish with very subtle hui gan
slight tarry notes

3rd infusion 1:00; still pitch black the flavor has become more gentle
more earthiness and some of the peatiness is finally coming through
the decayed wood has morphed into regular wood with a slightly sour finish
the minerality is starting to come through. it is kinda like licking
a rock

4th infusion 1:30; the color is starting to lighten just a bit. still black but
with red tinges the peatiness is really starting to come through. there is a sweetness
also the slightest hint of stewed fruit coming through the chocolate is still there
the huigan has returned. sticks to the molars

5th infusion 2:00; the liquor has lightened a bit more to a dark red brown
the minerality really comes through in this. sweetness really shines
woodyness upfront earthiness on finish. no chocolate notes

6th infusion. final infusion 2:30; ruby red this time
minerality comes throug but thats about it. woddiness is there
earthiness at the end very sweet at this point

would i recommend this tea?: yes would be good for aging

Flavors: Chocolate, Earth, Mineral, Peat, Stewed Fruits, Wood

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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2018 v93
two 15 second rinses
let sit with lid on for 10 minutes
dry leaves smelled lightly of peat
wet leaves smell stewed fruits and a hint of baked bread and peat
lid smells like caramelized sugar slight mint and very very light earth
tea liquor smells like peat and brown sugar maybe slight fruitness

first steeping :45 sec
light peatyness and a hint of stewed fruit very lightly bitter maybe just
a hint of sweetness on the tongue a little earthy slight dark chocolate taste on the back
of the tongue

second steeping: 30 sec
lighter flavor but more viscous the peatiness is there
the dark chocolates number comes in stronger with a sweetness that
sticks to the teeth more of the damp earth notes are coming through in the back ground
maybe slightly woody. leaves a thick feeling on the tongue. huigan is nice slight wet hay

third steeping: 1:00 minute
the peat note come through up front in this steeping followed by the chocolate notes
there is a stoney note here. like licking a rock. maybe thats minerality
the earthiness comes and goes in this steeping. it is fleeting sometimes and comes
back. the hui gan is light and sticks to the teeth almost tastes exactly like honey

fourth steeping: 1:30
the earth and stone flavors take over here no peaty note
sour bakers chocolate note on the tail end of the tea
aver slight hint of a metal note. not unpleasant huigan on the sides
of the teeth

fifth steeping: 2:00
color of tea liquor is starting to lighten at this point the earth and wood take over
at this point with a slight metallic note on the back end. very lightly though
slight nuttiness with a somewhat hay like after taste

sixth steep 2:30
tea is spent at this time the chocolate note is predominant at this time
the sweetness really comes through at this point generic shou taste at the end
doesnt really feel as thick this time nothing much else to say

would i recommend this tea?: yes if you keep it well hydrated and maybe age it a little in a pumidor

Flavors: Bread, Earth, Mineral, Nutty, Peat, Stewed Fruits, Wood

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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2006 LiMing “Zao Chun Yin Hao” (Early Spring Silver Hairs) 601 Batch
near wet stored
brew by intuition so no times will be showm
only infusions
10 minute “rest” period
the dry leaves dont really have a scent
if it does its hard for me to detect
wet leaves smells of mustiness kinda like old books and slight caramelized
brown sugar scent slight hay and stone slight creaminess
lid smell more of the mustiness and brown sugar slight earthiness
rinse color golden brown with the slightest hint of red
tea soup smells of incense nag champa was the first thing that comes to mind
brown sugar

first infusion: slightly musty and damp creamy and slightly hay like
the mustiness turns to earthiness in the middle of tasting it feels thick
on the tongue. its minerality shows up after you finish the cup. it feels “salty”
in the back of the throat. good feeling in the mouth. color was golden

second infusion:the mustiness is a little less in this infusion
the earthiness is more up front in this infusion its also a bit savory
not so much in flavor but in feeling and a tiny bit in flavor
the creaminess is there but light. there is a very tiny hint of floral in the finish
just so slightly in the background the color was a little redder

third infusion: more red than gold now starting to get darker the mustiness seems to be
a little at the front but more in the back. there is something metallic in the flavor
not unpleasant though slightly dusty the floral notes are still there and lend just a hint of sweetness
to the tea

fourth infusion: deep burgundy red slight bitterness up front
the cream really comes through in this kinda drying finish
the minerality is very obvious in this steeping some muddiness
some sourness in the finish. got a flash of fruitiness
this one seemed a bit more complex than the others

fifth infusion: the color was still red but lighter more like a candy apple with soe browness to it
the mustiness has returned the earthiness lays on the side of the tongue
there is some creaminess and there is some minerality like licking a rock
floral and woody almost like betel nut that you get in liu bao

sixth infusion: the brown is stating to come through but still a little red the mustiness is there
thought its more over earthy and creamy than anything else the floral notes are very present
mayflowers more gentle in the mouth though a little drying on the tongue

seventh infusion: brewed this one extra long so it would be the crecendo of this session
deep burgond very very dark there is a slight bitterness to it and something floral in
the after taste the bitterness lies on the side of the tongue. quite drying.

i would recommend this tea if you want to age it more

Flavors: Creamy, Metallic, Musty, Wet Earth, Wood

205 °F / 96 °C 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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5g 100ml 210f flash steeping at first then lengthening slowly. (going by feel. i never time sheng)
color of liquor is golden brown

wet leaves are barbeque along with something like brown sugar maybe
tea liquor aroma is slightly smokey and inscensy with caramelized sugar or maybe honey
lid is minty smokey and slightly caramelized sugar
epty gaiwan is caramelized sugar
(drank the first steep before writing this)

2nd: very slight bitterness and astringency smokey and i guess what you could call metallic notes cooling and thick
maybe some fruitiness (new to raw so im not quite sure what im tasting yet)

4th: still a little bitter and drying but im detecting earthiness and minerality at the back of the throat and maybe some
fruitiness at the back of the tongue quite puckering

6th: cut the steeping time a bit on this one. the bitterness is gone but there is still a little bit of astringency
the minerality is feels like a honey sweetness. note i didnt say taste but feels that way. very light huigan t this stage

8th: metal edge and astringency is still there seems rather dead flavor wise at this point

wet leaves were still pretty green
im new to this kind of tea so i cant say whether bad or good

Flavors: Fruity, Honey, Metallic, Mineral, Smoke

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 5 g 3 OZ / 100 ML

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this tea is bitter even when flash steeped it only gets sweet after about 6 steeps not really recommended, i really prefer jinglong tea factory black tea road brick

Flavors: Bitter, Sweet Potatoes

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 6 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

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drank 2017 Sloppy Jimbo by white2tea
11 tasting notes

the smell from the dry leaves in the cake is like bakers chocolate with a hint of stewed fruit like cherry.. the leaves in the gaiwan when wet are an intense bakers chocolate with cheeries and slight earthiness. the first infusion after rinses are red unless you let it steep for a while after that it quickly turns to that classic dark characteristic. there is no cloudyness to it. some people say this has a fishy characteristics which i dont detect all. the site says it doenst reall have sweetness but to me the sweetness isquite prominent on the tip and sides of the tongue. it is like putting sugar on your tongue for a few seconds. to me this is one of the finest shou’s you can get the flavor is light but the consistency can be syrupy. this is a perfect all day drinker or a once in a while treat. to me i get like brownies with very light earthiness its more sweet than i had figured it would he unless im just hallucinating the sweetness haha. anyways this is a must try and must have if your a shou lover or love hei cha in general. this one is my personal favorite and im going to buy a few more cakes of it soon. i do flash steepings and that seems to work. brew to your standards and im sure it will come out perfect

Flavors: Cherry, Chocolate, Earth, Stewed Fruits, Sugar, Wet Rocks

Boiling 0 min, 15 sec 7 g 5 OZ / 150 ML

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