81 Tasting Notes


Yuck. Very sweet, I couldn’t finish the cup. Not a good experience. I would like to get rid of this tea and trade it away.

I gave this tea away at the 8/8/12 steepster meetup.


What I learned about Steepster / Tea in the past few months:
Rooibos = Yuck
Guayusa = Yum

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$2 for a 20 count box
Imported from Israel.
In individual hermetically sealed foil packages.
This tea will last me a long time.

Reminds me of Lipton’s Green Tea with Honey.

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Hackensack, NJ!
I liked the package – 8 tea bags for $1.00

7/30 I poured some over Ice and added some sugar – taste like a SNAPPLE.
So.. if you like Snapple, brew it cold.

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drank Pure Mint by Twinings
81 tasting notes

I made some cold ice tea and it was delicious! I added just a small pinch of sugar. No milk needed. I enjoy Twining bagged teas. A++
My coworkers enjoy too.

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Good tea, I can see myself drinking this everyday. Can also mix it up with some Yerba Mate for some extra kick at noon time. Tastes like Twinnings English Breakfast tea but slightly stronger. No string, staples, tag, or paper wrapper, so for now I’ll keep it at my work desk.

8/13/12 – I’m giving this tea a higher mark, its great. I’m on my second cup today. Love the taste, great for breakfast. Sometimes I add a splash of milk and sugar. Drank 40 bags, luck for me I had a new box I just opened.

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Not individually wrapped, no string or tag. Night time tea. Willing to trade this away. I would rather drink a green tea before I go to bed.


Green tea has caffeine. Hope that doesn’t bother you!


The lack of string or tag is intentional – for years I thought it indicated lower quality too, but I was impressed to read an in-depth sustainability report from them a couple years ago that suggests quite the contrary…

Here’s a summary: “We’ve always felt that strings and tags on tea bags only do one thing – produce unnecessary waste. So we choose to use a unique pillow-style tea bag that doesn’t need a string, tag, staple or individual wrapper – and as a result, we save 3.5 million pounds of waste from entering landfills every year!”

That’s 1750 tons of landfill saved just from leaving off a tiny string and tag!!

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Keep away from other teas, or else they will pick up the smoky smell. I prefer with some milk, on a cold or rainy day. This is not a everyday tea for me to drink.

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drank English Breakfast by Twinings
81 tasting notes

I drink this in the office Monday – Friday in the mornings. This is usually my first cup of loose tea of the day if I am not drinking coffee. This can be mixed with Yerba Mate during afternoon tea.


Hah same here, I drink it weekdays. Adding mate is a good idea!

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drank Brazillionaire by DAVIDsTEA
81 tasting notes

Tried a cup of this in NYC Bleeker Street location. It smelled liked hazelnut liquor (Frangelica). It was mixed with agave and it was a nice tea to try.

8/13/12 – Funny that I bought a 1 oz but haven’t used it in two months. It sits on the shelf and once and awhile I just open it up and sniff.

8/14/12 – Brought 1oz to work, brewing it now, tasted good! Added 1 sugar packet.

9/6/12 – I used up the package! That’s it. This was my first David’s Tea I bought at the Bleeker Street location. I have picked out the nuts that are in the tea after steeping and ate them. Yum.

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drank Yerba Mate by Rosamonte
81 tasting notes

I drink this Monday – Friday at work everyday from 11am – 3pm afternoons. It has a nice caffeine pick me up. Yerba Mate is so cheap – 1KG (2.2 pounds) for about $6. It will last me about 2 years! Yerba is good with honey, sugar, or mixing other teas to it. I don’t do the gourd / silver straw ritual, instead steep with a tea ball. If I was on a desert island that had hot water, this would be added to my suitcase.

10/11/12 – Taking a break from tea today, went to the bottom office drawer for my first love – Rosamonte Mate. Wow, haven’t had it in awhile, strong, and good!

5/15/2013 – I finished the bag awhile ago. Mission accomplished. Nice strong taste, interested in the Rosamonte Especial now.

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