81 Tasting Notes


Inexpensive, great little loose leaf tea. I’m surprised how much tea you can buy for only one dollar.
Note to self: There is an expiration date at the bottom of the tea box.

12/6/12 – This tea is still really good. Not my daily drinker. It reminds me of licking a copper penny for some reason. I’m fine with this.

11/5/13 – I finished up this tea today. This tea stayed fresh for a year. This one will be purchased again since it is easy and find, and tasty. Goodbye copper penny tasting tea, bye-bye for now.


U R on a roll!

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drank Matcha Genmaicha by DAVIDsTEA
81 tasting notes

I had a cup of this tea at the store on 3rd ave in NYC after Zumba class.
It was very relaxing to me and the taste was nice.

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Thanks to Bonnie for this sample.
I loved the coin-shaped individual package.
Bonnie wrote to rinse 20 seconds in boiling H2O, discard water.
Steep 1 min in 4 oz boiling H2O.
Additional steepings should be 10-15 seconds each. This is good sweet or as a latte.

I made some boiling water, and enjoyed this throughout the day.
I did get a nice calmness. I did some more productive uncluttering of paperwork and spent time with my son.
I will have to investigate more Puerh’s in the future.
I took Bonnie’s advice and added some milk and a bit of agave.
Not much more I can say.
Sadly, this is the last sample I had from my goodie bag from Bonnie, so I just wanted to say “Thanks!”

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drank Marco Polo by Mariage Frères
81 tasting notes

Thank you Bonnie for this sample.
This is my first Mariage Freres tea that I have tried.
I see that this tea has been well reviewed here.
I made a hot batch, and enjoyed it.
The flavor was nice, not much caffeine for me.
I’ll have to read all the reviews here another time.
Did alot of paperwork cleaning out a closet today, uncluttering.
I’ll see if there is enough to make a pot for tomorrow as well.

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It smells like tea.
It’s from Japan.
I watched some youtube videos on Japanese Tea Ceremonies and decided to try this.
I like it.
No milk, honey, lemon needed.

12/6/2012 – I have a couple of bags left, I don’t think I would buy this one again, but the name oothu oothu oothu name sounded strange and exotic, just the way I love my women.


R U tea drunk too?

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Thanks to BrooklynSheep for this sample.
Processed on 9/19/2011 for Emily -——
Ceylon Tea
Tea package has a K kosher star on it.

The sample has crunchy leaves in it.
I put some in a mesh ball
Added water.
I enjoyed it! No sugar, honey, milk added.
Nice breakfast tea.
Reminded me of English Breakfast tea, Lipon or an Orange Pekoe.
This tea has flavor. Yum!

9/27/12 – I finished the package.


Glad you liked it!

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drank East Frisian by Harney & Sons
81 tasting notes

Thanks BrooklynSheep for this sample.

I was at the August Steepster meetup.
I met BrooklynSheep
She had a lot of interesting stories and brought some sample teas.
She was a wizard of tea.
Her daddy worked at Lipton but was forced to drink sweet-touch-nee brand as a young girl.
Years later, she escaped and eventually made her way to London, and there is a tea store there that you can sent tea via postcards.
Brooklynsheep knows how to read those crazy tea labels, what batch, year, and quality tea.
I learned that she was sensitive to caffeine and liked decaf teas.
So BS told me that East Frisian by Harney & Sons was one of her favorites.
I read the package, Harney and Sons are Master Tea Blenders.
BrooklynSheep has a blog and been drinking and reviewing teas for awhile now.
She’s also into food, but that’s for another review
I have ample sample to try out.

Harney’s address is
5723 Route 22
Millerton NY 12546 – perhaps Road trip one day?

Back to the Tea – Tastes like orange pekoe.
This tea is nice and strong.
Very plain strong tea.
I liked it.
No fancy schmancy tea here – its Orange Pekoe.

It was nice meeting you BrooklynSheep!

Harney & Sons The Store

East Frisian is a fantastic black tea blend! One my personal favorites. Glad you liked it.


Aw shucks, Hannahbling! Thanks for your review of me, as well as the tea. And glad you liked the East Frisian! Yes, it’s a nice strong cup. I hope you’ll enjoy more of this variety — and look forward to hearing about what you think of it!

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Thank you Bonnie for this sample.
This is my first Teavivre tea.
I love the sample packaging.
I put the sample into my mesh ball.
This tea is green, and I tasted it without water.
Tastes like Japanese seaweed paper! yum.
I was impressed with this tea
Tastes great – lots of flavor.
I wish I can read the package – its in Chinese
The taste is smooth, yum!

Wet leaves take like spinach!


Oolongs don’t like mesh balls. If you still have the leaves set them free in a glass or bowl or cup so they get the water around them and then steep. The expansion of the leaves and the contact with the water is key. You should enjoy the flavor more and steep time should be short (I usually write it down or it’s on the package)

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This is a loose leaf tea
The tin is 2 1/2 oz from the Roland Food corp. $2.50
NY NY10018
Product of Hong Kong
Natural Cherry Flavor
It smells like a Ludens cherry cough drop.
Cute tin.
Tea was not strong.

9/18/12 – I brewed some at work, 1/2 cup. It came out stronger this time. I’m going to bring it back to home so I can brew it cold. My mom like cherry liquor so lets see if this can complement the liquor she has.

9/20/12 Made small pitcher overnight, tastes like cherry coke without fizz.

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I went Starbucking this morning at (Park and 48th)
I got my tall hot water and added a dash of milk and sugar.
This tea tasted like coconut.
I like that Stash teas are foil sealed with staple, and bag.
I’m drink half of it hot and half on the rocks.
I think this is my only oolong that I have in my collection.
So I’ll tell you more about this Starbucks location:
(Park and 48th)
This a high volume starbucks that is a bit slower due to outside construction. There is a worker who yells the order from the queue to the drink makers.
There a long communial table here.
The peeps here are mostly suits, and fewer tourists than other Starbucks.
There way a guy with a laptop today showing another guy some stock market charts and explaining some stock charts.
There was a woman seated next to me. She had a large diamond ring, and didn’t throw her Starbucks sleeve in the trash.
There were two women in their 20’s. One had some large iced drink the other had a short drink. They were talking about traveling. One woman talked with her nose.
This Starbucks location is currently under construction.

12/6/2012 – I’ve been drinking this tea, guests who stop over the house have been drinking this. I’ve upped the rating, and it’s actually pretty good. I will have to investigate more Stash teas.

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