Now this is what I’m talkin about! Seems like there are three categories of flavors in puerh: tea notes, aging (fermentation) notes, and “storage” notes. My favorite of the three is certainly storage notes. I tasted it in the 1985 maocha from LP, and I taste it here. It’s the dusty, attic/basement, old library book notes that are my favorite :). They seem to only come with significant time of storage.

This one is perfectly balanced. Pretty sweet, very smooth. No bitterness or astringency. A bit of camphor, but nowhere near as much as the other two teas from YOT.

Dry leaf: Cardboard
Wet leaf: Cardboard, camphor
Flavor: Cardboard, library, dust, must, old books, basement, attic, camphor.

Flavors: Camphor, Cardboard, Dust, Sweet

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