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This is not your average Ceylon. I’ve got an average Ceylon, and it’s nice, but it doesn’t blow me away with interesting flavours.

This, on the other hand, is so full of flavour that it’s hard to believe it is a Ceylon. As the description says, it’s got a slightly chocolaty hint to it, but it’s more that it just smells warm and inviting and cosy. Sniffing it is like sniffing a fruity red wine, and the colour is deep orange.

The flavour is just as good. The astringency comes through a little more, and it’s probably best with a spot of milk. I thought I was an Assam man for strong black tea, but this might just change my mind.

I’ve had a good sample through the Canton Tea Company’s tea club, and saved the last cupsworth (if that’s not a word yet then it should be) for the right moment. Well, I’m sitting in the conservatory with the rain pattering on the roof, with the cat on my knee, and this is the right moment. Yum


That sounds like a great right moment!

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This should have been my perfect tea. A first flush darjeeling with a twist of Earl Grey. But somehow it just doesn’t quite work, and it was a bit of a disappointment. Maybe I was building it up high in my anticipation, to a level where it could not match.
The bergamot has a very suspicious role in this tea. It sits there, dominating in its uncompromising way, as if it’s trying to hide something. Of course, in a first flush darjeeling, there is nothing to hide, but the bergamot is too strong for it, and the special-ness of the darjeeling is not allowed the space to impress the taste buds.
It’s not horrible, but I’d rather just have a Darjeeling and an Earl Grey separately and not on top of each other.

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I’ve started drinking 2/3 this, and one third Assam Tonganagoan (the spelling of that place is beyond me I’m afraid).
It’s a pretty nice combination, with the strength of the Ugandan tea balanced with the smoothness of the Assam.

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drank French Earl Grey by T2
200 tasting notes

This has pretty much broken the record for being used up in my cupboard. Looking at.other reviews, there is a really mixed bag and some people are quite negative in their thoughts. But I think this is among the Earl Grey purists only. I haven’t come across anyone who dislikes this tea, and I’ve given it to at least half a dozen people.


i agree … everyone i have served this up to has immediately fallen in love with it

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I am so impressed by this tea. It tastes just like actual dandelion and.burdock, only not fizzy. I’m not saying that it is delicious, because it’s not, but it’s about as good as you could.hope for, from an adaptation of a sweet fizzy drink.

I’ve been experimenting at work by getting people to guess what the smell is. Most people have guessed aniseed but I think that’s just the Burdock coming through. It’s sweet-ish but not sugary, so works ok.

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drank Nettle by Clipper
200 tasting notes

I couldn’t get into this tea really. It’s a bit grassy, but it doesn’t have a whole lot of flavour. I suppose it is comparable to supermarket bought frozen vegetables, I don’t dislike it, but it’s a bit bland and doesn’t have enough flavour to get me excited

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drank French Earl Grey by T2
200 tasting notes

I was in Australia when I came across this tea. It was available to taste in the shop we visited. I really hadn’t intended on bringing any tea back with me, but I couldn’t resist, especially with my girlfriend egging me on!

As many of the other reviewers have said, this is quite a long way from a ‘normal’ Earl Grey. I still think it’s a legitimate Earl Grey, because the Bergamot isn’t lost in the flavour, but it’s less of a case of Bergamot vs tea, and more of an overall balance between a whole range of flavours. In fact, when I drink it, I don’t distinguish the flavours, in the same way as I wouldn’t focus on the individual ingredients when eating a Bolognese or a stew.

I’m not at all a fan of flowery tea, but this really works!! I’m also not used to having more than one Earl Grey in my cupboard at once, but since the other has a really tangy Bergamot flavour and this is more rounded.

You feel very refined drinking this tea, and it wouldn’t be out of place in a posh restaurant.

Highly recommended

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Pretty good, and the best thing about it is that you can get about three steeps out of it before the flavour starts reducing. Like most oolongs, I find that the first half cup isn’t that great, but then my taste buds adjust and I love it. Really good oolong!

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This is an excellent tea bag. It’s strong like a Kenyan should be, and a little bitter so it needs milk certainly. Once it has milk in it, it reminds me a bit of good quality chocolate. It still has that bitterness, but that’s a good thing in a smooth, comforting drink like this. If it was a note, it would be a low note, but not a rumble of thunder, more like a tuba.

I’m not convinced that any of these analogies make sense to anyone else, but they work for me!

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I can’t believe it took until now to talk about this tea. It’s well balanced and sweet, without taking over from the tea. One of my favourites, but sadly it’s just run out (boohoo)

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I moved from the UK to Australia in 2015. I’ve had a fascination with tea since university, and like to try lots of different types. My preference is for real tea over other infusions: green tea, oolong and black, including flavoured varieties. I love encouraging people to try new teas. I also play the trombone.
>90: Some of the best I’ve had so far.
80-90: I love this tea, likely to buy again
70-80: Good tea. Most tea in my cupboard is in this category because it’s fine to drink it all day!
50-70: I’d drink it if it was offered to me, and I’ll drink what’s in the cupboard, but I’m unlikely to buy it again.
<50: Glad I tried it, but it’s not very nice.


Hobart, Australia



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