(Gongfu, 5g/125 ml/205 F/5 sec rinse/6 sec + 2ff)
Dry leaves: Fruity, malty, toasty, light tobacco
Wet leaves after rinse: Roasted notes much stronger, raisin
Steep 1 (6 sec): Deep golden color, smell malty sweetness and toast. Taste is close to an exceptionally smooth black tea with light raisin, malt, touch of mineral. Overall smooth, pleasant; no dryness, astringency, bitterness.
2 (8 sec): Color is lovely, even darker gold, aroma sweeter & malty, less toast. Tastes a little thinner & lighter, still malty dried fruit, a little less smooth. Hint of dryness in finish.
3 (10 sec): Slightly lighter color & a bit sweeter in aroma, more like golden raisin, less toasty but still a hint of tobacco; maybe even a hint floral? Taste is about same, though texture is thinner, more dryness to finish, a little less smooth.
4-6 (15, 20, 25 sec, reduced water to 100ml): Keeping same trend with each infusion feeling a little thinner, dryer (definitely picking up that tannin dryness in mouth), though still lightly sweet with malt & raisin.
-I don’t pick up more/different flavors with each steep, just feels like each one is a little “less” than the one before – not weaker, just thinner. Leaves stayed fairly tightly rolled until at least fifth infusion.-
7-10 (30, 45, 60, 120 sec): Much less fruit/raisin in aroma, still sweet, but maybe a touch more earthiness rather than tobacco. Gradually lost strength, though even steep 10 wasn’t weak. Put spent leaves in 8 oz water for cold brew.

5 g 4 OZ / 125 ML

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Learning to brew gongfu style in my first gaiwan made me aware that not only is there an amazing array of teas out there to try, but each tea has the potential to have a great variety of flavors revealed by different preparations. Whenever possible, I like to brew each tea I try a few ways: gongfu, western, cold brewed/iced. I’ve enjoyed seeing how these treatments change any given tea.


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