Bingo, not quite what I was expecting (oh boy, silly Matrix reference). The upside is the cherry here isn’t medicinal. It’s extremely similar to the maraschino note found in DF’s Easter blend. Sweet and syrupy, melting into the base. The coconut, on the other hand, is mellow, nutty, and buttery. No soap, but not like fresh or (unsweetened or sweetened) shredded coconut. All the rose haters ought to calm down because I didn’t get any rose in here whatsoever. I’m surprised it’s even supposed to be in here.

Come to think of it, these Naked teas tend to remind me of DF blends, but with weaker flavouring. I feel bad saying it, but it only makes me want to place a DF order rather than reorder any Naked teas.

And on that note, I randomly placed a 52teas order! I probably haven’t in in four years at least? Time sure flies. Seems like I missed out on quite a few good ones, but I figured I might as well treat myself and try out a bunch of them.

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