drank Raspberry Cocoa by Tippy's Tea
1792 tasting notes

I couldn’t wait to write about another one from this company. So, Raspberry Cocoa. I was hoping this would be like Butiki’s Raspberry Truffle but better, but right off the bat, I’m going to say that I prefer that one even though that one was on the disappointing side when I first tried it. Whine whine whine.

There are several layers to this tea. First, the dry leaf smells mostly of raspberry, but it’s unfortunately on the artificial side.

Flavour-wise, this is where the layers come in. The most prominent note is the raspberry flavour (which reminds me of Red Leaf Tea’s raspberry flavouring), followed by the earthy Keemun, followed by cocoa. The maltiness is buried far underneath everything else. Actually, I wouldn’t have even guessed that there was Assam in here because I find the Keemun to be that overpowering.

I think I would have liked this more had it just contained Assam. I also would have preferred dehydrated raspberries in here instead of the flavouring. It tastes better with light cream, which smooths out the astringent, earthy base, at least.

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