drank Premium Chai by Butiki Teas
1792 tasting notes

Time to finally use try my sample of this. Dry, this is heavy on the cinnamon, like whiffing a bag of cinnamon bark. I also detect the clove and a bit of the ginger but no cardamom?

By the way, I am SUPER picky about chai. There’s a chai bar back at home that makes the best chai ever. They make their blends with 30+ spices imported from India so it’s mighty hard to beat.

This is one of the better chais that I have tasted considering. The cinnamon is the prominent note, followed by a hint of ginger. The cloves are faint, and the cardamom is practically non-existant. No pepper.

With vanilla soy and brown sugar it’s smooth. I would definitely consider buying this whenever I’m craving chai at home, especially since I can’t go to my beloved chai bar.

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