35 Tasting Notes

drank Bubble Tea by The Tea Garden
35 tasting notes

Green Tea* Boba. Every time.

I’ve got this odd obsession with biting into those tapioca pearls and then swallowing them when they’re somewhat whole. The texture and flavor is awesome! I love how smooth and soft they are.

I’ve had two different types of boba. One where it was more of a smoothie and one in which it was prepared as a latte. I can’t say which I prefer as both ways of preparation actually affect the consistency of the tapioca pearls. In the former, the pearls are firmer and chewier. In the latter, the pearls are softer and more prone to breaking in half. Both methods of preparation are nice (and daresay, fun), though.

Today I had it blended creme/smoothie style. It was splendid.

*If only to legitimize this as an actual tea (because it’s at least as much a tea as the green tea stuff at Starbucks).


“If only to legitimize this as an actual tea (because it’s at least as much a tea as the green tea stuff at Starbucks).”
SO TRUE!!! I do love boba tea as well.

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A family member got me this one. It was a pleasant surprise as I’ve never tried a World Market tea before.

The only other Mate I’ve ever tried was Matevana. I’m not sure if I prefer one over the other because they’re both different. This one, despite being marked as “Chocolate” is actually more toasty and less sweet than the other Mate. Because of the fewer ingredients, the taste of the actual Mate seems more prevalent here. If one goes past the (admittedly very nice) toasty Mate flavor, there is a hint of chocolate, but it’s more of a flavor reminiscent of chocolate, rather than tasting like an all out Hershey’s chocolate bar.

I agree with another user, it’s almost like coffee (closer to coffee than the Matevana), but way less bitter.

It’s not a bad thing to have on hand when there isn’t a way to steep loose tea (I love the pyramid shaped bags), but I’m not sure about having this all the time. I’ll have to try other Mates before I decide on this.

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I had to try this twice before making a note.

This is by far the most interesting of all the teas in Adagio’s Silver Sampler, in my opinion. It’s Sliver Needle’s polar opposite, with a strong (for a white tea, that is) extremely multifaceted flavor. It still holds the floral and vegetal taste that characterizes white tea, but I’m actually sensing a more emphasized, earthy, floral taste and aroma with a sweet vegetal flavor as an aftertaste rather than the reverse.

This really is a gorgeous white tea and if I had to choose out of the Silver Sampler, I’d like to have this and Jasmine Silver needle stocked in my cupboard regularly, with Silver Needle as a rare treat every now and again. I may give Snowbud another chance, but for now it is the least memorable of the teas.

Final Verdict: This is good. Really good.

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drank Masala Chai by Adagio Teas
35 tasting notes

This is spicy and awesome~ !

I’ll admit, that the only other type of Chai I’ve ever tasted was Tazo’s bagged Chai tea and Chai Lattes at Starbucks, but this blows both of those out of the water for me.

Firstly the scent of this thing is tremendous. It cleared my sinuses right out. I would sell my left leg for a chai scented Vicks Vapor patch.

I might be using just a little too much tea, but this is crazy spicy and strong (even for a two minute steep). It’s okay though, I like that. A lot.

This is flavorful enough to be had without milk, which is how I usually like to take this particular tea. Milk and perhaps some honey would probably suit this tea, when it’s preferred. I also agree, I can’t really taste the black tea base at all over the spices, but I prefer the taste of the spices anyway.

All in all, my experience in Chai isn’t very diverse or extensive, but I really like this one.

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I am actually (so far) a very big fan of Jasmine. It’s slightly reminiscent of Jasmine Green Tea Pearls, but with that beautiful sweet, mild, and delicate Silver Needle aftertaste. It’s a relatively strong Jasmine flavor and the Silver Needle tea is a bit pushed off to the side (to the point of being, as previously stated, an aftertaste).

The scent alone is reason enough to try this tea though. As others have mentioned it’s a very relaxing scent, and it really enhances the experience (yes, experience) that having this tea is.

It’s a very quiet tea and I feel like going to sleep right now, I don’t know what it is, but it’s making me drowsy like no other tea has before. I think I found the perfect thing to help me get to sleep.

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I thought I’d use up the last bit of this that I have left… now I have to go get more.

This is the first oolong I’ve ever ventured to try. I really love the smooth buttery taste of this tea. The coconut tastes very natural as well, and I adore coconut flavor so much. It’s like liquid Almond Joy, but way, way less sickly sweet and fake. I’m kind of obsessed… :)

I never tried it with milk, but come to think of it, it probably* works very well with milk… probably.

I’d love to try other oolongs, but so far this has given me a very good impression of oolongs on the whole.


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I ordered this one as part of Adagio’s Silver Sampler.

I’m getting a vegetal almost artichoke taste on this thing like none other. It’s less olive/vinegar than something like Adagio’s Artichoke Green Tea and more metallic (I’m using Ozarka distilled water… could it be my water?)

Maybe it’s because I’m trying this after Silver Needle, but I disagree with the reviews describing this tea as dainty. Compared to the Silver Needle it’s almost like a punch in the face (yes, that’s how different they are from each other to me). I don’t mean that in a bad way though. I suppose if I’m in the right mood, and I want something less subtle than Silver Needle (a tea in which I must concentrate to taste anything off of) but not a full on black or green this would be my tea of choice.

All in all, not bad, but not sure if I would by this in bulk anytime soon.

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Rose takes the forefront in this delicate tea. I’m not typically a huge fan of rose flavored things, but of course none have ever been as natural tasting as this.

The white tea lays a nice and sweet foundation for the other ingredients to play on. Another reviewer mentions mint, and to be honest I couldn’t really detect it on the first few times I brewed this tea, it’s very subtle.

I’m in love though, and I plan to get my hands on some more soon.

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This was my first experience with a Lapsang Souchong and I fell head over heels with the warm and deep smokey aroma. I could just sit and inhale this all day long (but then people would stare and my tea would get cold…)

I’ve dubbed this my favorite black tea so far and I personally enjoy this one over Adagio’s Lapsang Souchong.

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I’m coming back to Steepster after a nearly 7 year hiatus.

Going to continue my journey of logging what tastes good to me and what doesn’t and discovering new tea along the way.


In my house, drinking out of a Royal Albert teacup

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