Saint's Cafe in State College, Pennsylvania
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It’s a small, local cafe. They bring in locally made pastries, the raspberry rugelach is my favorite, and the employees are a nice folk and most of the patrons are of the hipster variety but there are occasional business personnel coming through. Drink-wise they are primarily coffee, but they have a decent selection of teas from Rishi. The teas are put into paper filter-bags and they put scalding hot water from the espresso machine directly onto the tea, this is the main reason for the three stars and not a higher rating. I always ask for some ice to help cool down the tea so I don’t burn myself, but it’s always too late for the tea, especially if you got a green tea. I’ve learned to sidestep this, I just order a flavored rooibos tea (I’m not a black tea fan). Other than the too hot water temperature, this is a very nice place to sit down and do some work or just relax.



I’m an avid tea drinker, it’s what I drink all day and why I’m here. I don’t sweeten my teas except for the occasional iced tea or cold-brewed tea. I typically brew my teas with a brew basket in a 12 oz cup. If I brew another way I will always note it.

Dislikes: black teas, milk flavored oolongs, hibiscus, red rooibos, licorice, dessert teas, mate, guayusa.

Loves: straight teas, especially Chinese green teas, sencha, jasmine, dan congs, mint, coconut.

My ratings are based mostly on the smiley faces. If a tea is of good quality but not to my taste preference I try not to rate it because I think that is unfair.

I drink a lot of the same teas and will not record every time I drink them. I log them the first time I try them and then again if I did something different and/or got different results.

I also try to keep my cupboard updated to what I actually have for those that wish to swap, although some of them are merely samples.

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