230 Tasting Notes


I had this one on a day I was in DAVIDs and just looking (like that is ever possible) I think this one may have been under steeped (if that is possible). You can smell the strawberries, but their taste is far more understated than the title suggests.

I might get this one over ice to go today and give it at least one more try before I completely give up on it.

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drank Glitter & Gold by DAVIDsTEA
230 tasting notes

I have not tasted this yet, but Oh My God, it smells like Christmas!

Edwin H.

You got to get on that this one is quite exquisite


I think I will wait for cooler weather, and for my rather embarrassingly large collection of flavoured black teas to diminish a little.

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drank Chocolate Rocket by DAVIDsTEA
230 tasting notes

Ummm, maybe not the best tea to have at 9pm, but when I purchased it today, I could not wait to get it home, and there was no paitence to wait for Sunday breakfast… Nope, not at all!

When I first smelled the leaves I was struck at how much this smelled like that horrid “Raspberry Mocha” from Starbucks. This left me a little leary to try it, but I figured there really was nothing to loose since there is only one tea from DAVIDs that I truly did not like (Dolce & Banana) This tea is fun to watch as it steeps and I am a little sad that I left my glass bodum at work, since the raspberries plump right up!

I could only smell the raspberries and chocolate, but taste the mild chicory and almond taste… we’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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drank Oh Canada! by DAVIDsTEA
230 tasting notes

This was my “tea to go” today, myself and two other co-workers piled into my car for a trip to DAVIDs for a between shift purusal… uh-oh, 3 women in a tea shop is like a bunch of kids in a candy store screaming for the attentions of the one person behind the counter. But I must say she was calm cool and collected!

When I first sniffed these maple infused leaves I was hit in the face with so much syrup I worried that it would come off tasting like a D grade maple syrup, but I decided to take the plunge and who knew this would be so delightful?! Drinking it hot reminds me of winters huddled around troughs filled with snow eagerly holding that precious popcicle stick, breathing in the scent of fresh snow, fresh tapped trees adn boiling maple syrup and waiting, WAITING for that sticky boiled goodness to be poured over the snow so you can wrap your stick in it and stand cheeks rosey and toes frozen as you savour that maple goodness that makes Canada Great!

This is a great tea and my first Rooibos that will leave me looking for more on pancake and french toast Sundays!

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drank Jungle Ju Ju by DAVIDsTEA
230 tasting notes

The girl behind the counter was not kidding!

This tea is caffinated, without the sugar crash! So in love with this herbal tea. I have been having it each morning and I have not once, not once, experienced that horrible dip in insulin that happens when I drink coffee… we all know that dip, the one that leaves you sleepy, crabby, (and it it is Starbuks, with the shakes and stange sense of paranoia) and despretly needing another cup. This tea offers a consistent low impact buzz all day; also to note, NO Heart palpitations!

Juggle Ju-Ju has a wonderful light papya flavour that allows this tea to remain drinkable as it cools and will definantly work this summer over ice. And it will leave me refreshed instead of feeling heavy and bloated on those extra hot summer days!

Needless to say I really suggest this tea to people who are caffine sensitive but would like a little “pick me up” on Monday morning. Well, anyone who wants a steady caffine flow in their system, without cravings, angst or your Doctor saying: “No”

200 °F / 93 °C

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The kids at the OSC (out of school care) center I work at had a little sip of my iced version of this tea today and are super excited for next week when they get to make sun tea with this delightful concoction!

evil laugh turning children away from pop one sip of herbal tea at a time!

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drank Moroccan Mint by Stash Tea
230 tasting notes

I have only had this tea a few times, and each time I have enjoyed it. The mint is intense and continues to increase in intensity a times it cools.

Great in winter, really just great any time.

I enjoy this one because it does not need any sweetner! Excellent.

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drank Read My Lips by DAVIDsTEA
230 tasting notes

I first had this tea as a “take away tea” while purusing the selections at DavidsTea… I was in a rush to get to work and I have a feeling it was over steeped, but this tea has potential…

Second Tasting (yes, I was intrigued enough to purchase a 50g bag to take home): This tea is steeping beside me and I am taken back to Christmas’ baking mint fudge brownies and other spice chocolate delights. I can’t wait for it to cool enough to sip as I expect to be wowed!

Not overly keen, but it is still note worthy enough for me to consider a tin of the stuff the next time I am in the store…

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drank Mango Shade by Silk Road
230 tasting notes

This tea is so fragrant I actually breathed in the leaves and choked on them in the store, after a few giggles of embarassment I filled a small tin and wisked this one home for a taste test.

After following the directions for Black teas from Silk Roads I decided this time to steep the tea as little as possible and see what happens. The tea had a deep amber colour and the scent of fresh mangoes were intense enough to allude to enjoyable sipping… Not so much, I am starting to think that either a) I don’t like black teas or b) I just don’t like them from Silk Roads…

Here’s hoping it is “a” and not “b”

200 °F / 93 °C 2 min, 0 sec

I usually steep black teas for 3.5 to 3 minutes…and keep a pretty close eye on them. Many companies seem to recommend 4 to 5 minutes, but I find that makes them bitter and “burnt”…Hope you find some to enjoy!


Uniquity, I actually did a little research on properly steeping tea and learned that a) I was pressing down on the bodum too fast, b) the water was too hot (who knew the kettle should rest a few minutes after a hard boil?!) and c) I was using far too much tea. With my newly procured knowledge I can’t wait to try this one again.


Excellent news! (Not that you were “doing it wrong” but that you’ve found a new way to try it out :D)


L, that post was made after watching the “You’re doing it wrong” video on chow.com about preparing tea… doot-dah-doo… ;)

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drank Spicy Mandarin by Silk Road
230 tasting notes

Not my most favourite tea, but for the tea connaisuer this tea is probably more up their alley.

Scent is fabulous! Even after it was steeped I truly enjoyed sitting in my favourite reading chair and sniffing the tea while ignoring the book I was reading at that time. But as for taste, if I wasn’t so against honey and sugar I am sure I could find more enjoyment in this tea if it was steeped less and sweetened with something.

Note: steep time is as suggested by Silk Roads

200 °F / 93 °C 5 min, 0 sec

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I love to read and what goes better with reading than a hot cup of tea on rainy winter nights and an ice-cold tea on a hot summers day?

I used to drink copious amounts of coffee but that was just a joke, because I never drank enough water to flush out that one cup of coffee (32oz of water to 8oz of coffee?!?) and the variety in tea gives me what I need – it is not often I will drink the same thing twice.

Tea is defiantly more gentle on the waistline… Espcially since when I crave apple pie I can reach for a cup of “Mom’s Apple pie” or if I want caramel corn for my movie night, I just have to brew a cup of “Movie Night”…

I definitely have a preference for Oolongs, flavoured Blacks and a select number of flavoured Rooibos.

I love you tea, this can only get better as the extra weight continues to tapper off!

Oh, did I mention I am a reader, a childcare worker, a teacher, a friend, a sister and so many other things in a day?


Victoria, B.C.



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