6 Tasting Notes

drank Jeju Island Green by Teavana
6 tasting notes

It is very rare to see green tea from Korea as we are not the tea capitol of the world. Mostly China and Japan are known for their production of high quality teas. However, the cool hillsides of Jeju Island have been found to be able to host and grow Camellia sinensis just as well. Korea is new to the tea game but we are not new to tea enjoying the aged Oolongs bricks from China and powdered matcha from Japan for ages. I am happy to see that Korea has expanded their market overseas.
This tea is a typical green and not as flavorful as I had hoped. Either steep longer or use more tea more stronger flavor. I enjoy it hot or cold, unsweetened.

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I think my favorite tea above all is Jasmine green. These pearls are easy to carry in a small container and make dosing on the go very easy. I drop 3 or 5 balls (depending on how much water I have) in my vessel of choice and enjoy it strong with no added sweetener.

Flavors: Jasmine

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This is a light tea. It smells wonderfully of pineapple but does not taste so much like it. I got this for my pineapple fanatic husband but he didn’t like it. I do. I steep for about about 5-minutes in a full pot of water and add water (up to three times) for multiple infusions. No sweeteners. I have had this tea hot.

Flavors: Pineapple

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This is my travel tea. It carries easier and better since it is prepackaged into little green pouches and tastes better than any other packaged green tea.
I personally prefer quality loose leaf green tea but this one works in a pinch. The taste is a bit grainy and grassy but there are the hints of that sweet taste that makes green tea so darn good!
Served hot, unsweetened or cold, unsweetened.

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This the first tea I tasted at Teavana and it was what got me hooked on fruit tea infusions. It opened up a whole ’nother world of doors for me… Anyways, back to the tea. I like it sweetened and served over ice. I made this for a dinner party with friends and she absolutely loved it.
I steep it a lot longer, a little hotter, and with more tea than the recommended amount. Adding german rock sugar during the steeping gives it a lightly sweet flavor.

8 min or more

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Letting this melt into your tea as it is steeping is wonderful! It can also be made into a syrup for when you’re on the go! (I use it for cooking too)
It has a light taste that adds sweetness to your teas (and food!) without adding its own flavoring.
I was iffy about Teavana’s product (still am) but its my only local supplier and it tastes great, regardless.

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Happily married, tea-loving female. I prefer my tea iced but not always sweetened.


Southern California

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