Spammers on Steepster

Literally the first 3 pages of the forums are spam threads. What do we do? Report them all one by one?

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Mandy said

Yeah, it seems like the spammer problem is just getting worse and worse.

connect said

Totally agree!

Ost said

Seems like other forums usually have mods who take care of spammers…not sure who does that here?

Oh gosh… that was really terrible. I’m sorry guys! All of the users who just spammed the site have been deleted.

Thanks for coming to our rescue!

Cheri select said

Thanks so much, Tea Pet!!!

Yes, thanks!

Mandy said

Yay, much better! Thanks!

Yay, they’re disappearing! Thanks moderator person :)

apt said

and theyre not even good spammers like if you’re going to spam at least make it something cool like porn or drugs


or at least have it be relevant to the subject, tea spam would be annoying but at least it would make sense!

Mandy said

Or the less annoying ones that post one or two “articles” about clothes or moving or bipolar, instead of 50 movie spams in a row

apt said

naw the spammers go head over heels for mesothelioma

AnnieIMS said

really hate this!

Ost said

oh my word, they’re back xD well one is back already

Cripes. They’re back again. OO gets out the flamethrower
Where the heck are they coming from lately? I thought it was (fairly) complicated/human necessary to sign up for an account?

Better get out the dragons – they just won’t quit O.o

apt said

one of the spammers is named joerogan this is hilarious

lolainred said

now they’re replying to themselves….

Where do they keep coming from?

Cwyn said

They are probably bot programs.

I can’t remember, is there a captcha used on the sign up? That might help.

Arshness said

And they’re back again.

Can’t the Tea Justice League do something about this????

I hate them…they spoil my morning reading :-(

Jen M said

you mean your morning reading doesn’t involve watching movies online? Pfft.


Jason select said

Sorry about that, usually they don’t post as much as they have been recently. I removed all the ones I saw had posted today.

On an unrelated note, our search traffic for movies has jumped dramatically! :)

Haha! Thank you Jason!

Cheri select said

I do like tea and movies.

Thanks, Jason, for taking care of these.

Jason select said


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