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Looking for interesting tea blends suggestions

Hello. Tried some searching though the existing topics, but with no much luck, so decided to start a new one. I am looking for some help.
There are so many stores and so many options and unfortunately there is a limit on the budget as well) So I am really having a hard time to decide where to buy my next tea from.
Naturally, the taste is the most important part to keep in mind. But I also like when something have that unique feel to it, some personal touch is I may say so.

The most interesting out of those I tried so far is probably http://bellocq.com . Image-evoking descriptions that actually correlate with the teas themselves. Only tried some of them, but liked the ideas of the blends. They also wrapped the package in fancy paper and the the packages were nice-looking, too. That isn’t so important, really, but I like such things. Guilty.

And only a day before I stumbled upon another company, The Whispering pines (http://whisperingpinestea.com/ ). Now, this one has exactly that feel of personality to it. Can’t say if teas taste as good as the descriptions make me expect, because haven’t tasted them yet, but am very eager to try. The only downside for me is, the blends in stock look like they are better suited for winter-autumn mood and I was looking for something lighter.

Soo… Not sure if you folks understand what I am talking about here, but hopefully… ) If not that fancy-mood-soul-feel stuff – maybe you cold suggest some light tea blends good for summer. ..Floral, fruity, minty. I am really into blends currently, but would prefer the teas to be more natural-tasting. Not necessarily without flavorings, though.

And the store have to ship internationally, because I live in Ukraine)

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