Companies that all resell the same teas from Metropolitan?

I am seeing a lot of the same teas across multiple sites. Could we put together a list of companies who all have essentially the same teas, by way of just reselling the ones from Metropolitan?

These are some I think fall in this category:

Darlenes Tea Port

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A lot of local smaller places as well. I always ask where someone gets their tea if they serve it loose. I heard they supply something like 70% of the loose tea market?!

Wow! I had no idea…

Same here, til about last year. It made me sad, because I feel like the point of trying all the different tea houses is kinda moot now :(

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Could be. I am amazed at the difference in price in the same teas across the resellers.

But I guess its more about branding than quality

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teaenvy said

On the other hand, if you know who is selling these teas, you can always find what you want even if your favorite seller is out of stock.

I thought that too at first!! But the Metropolitan business model is expansive. They have 1000+ teas to choose from so if you’re looking online it will be easy to find another seller but if you want an in person experience, it’s usually more customized to their(the shop owner’s) tastes

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