Sofia Vaz said

Adverse reaction to rooibos-based infusions?

Every time I drink rooibos, I end up feeling extremely sick.
I’ve wondered if this has anything to do with how I brew it — could I be over-steeping? (I usually do between 5 and 10 minutes, as per the instructions) could this be a temperature problem? (I usually get my kettle to 100C, but I pour in cold vessels, so the brew is usually at 95C) is 1g for 100mL too much?
Has anyone else dealt with this? is this just how rooibos is?
I was gifted some rooibos-based chai for my bday and want to enjoy it, but if I drink more than 100mL my stomach turns against me :(

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I would check if it is rooibos or some ingredient in the chai. I haven’t came across that; so it is just an idea. Also you can try shorter steeps as you have suggested. It won’t hurt the tea, nor you.

Sofia Vaz said

it’s 100% the rooibos, I’ve tried it pure and the reactions have stayed the same. I’ll try a shorter steep next time I have some :)

Of course, you can be sensitive to rooibos and I understand you are sad as you have to get rid of gift, but there are many other teas worth trying :)

Sofia Vaz said

update: I tried lower steep time and it helped a lot! thank you for the idea Martin :D

Yay, great; happy you found a way!

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