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Teasenz.com/Teasenz.eu Sale: 30% OFF Glass Kyusu Teapot, Black Tea Pearls & More

Hello! Our deals of this week are online and include the following: https://www.teasenz.com/sale

- 30% OFF Glass Kyusu Teapot (Side Handle). Compared to other kyusu’s this one is made from glass so you can see the leaves unfurl inside. The glass is extra thick, so even teas that require good heat isolation can be steep with this teapot!
- 30% OFF Rabbit Tea Pet & 13% OFF Baby Frog Tea Pet. These are both very affordable and well maade.
- 15% OFF: Rou Gui Rock Tea: Pre-packed in small 8g bags for the lazy tea drinkers.
- 15% OFF: Osmanthus Lily Blooming Tea. The osmanthus fragrance of this blooming tea is perfect to enjoy during this season.
- 16% OFF: Pu Erh Tea Balls (Single serve portions): Lao Ban Zhang and Bing Dao.
- 30% OFF: Lao Ban Zhang Tea Bricks (Raw & Ripe)
And so much more. See all deals here: https://www.teasenz.com/sale

If you’re based in the EU, we also recommend to visit our European tea store for much faster 1-10day shipping! See all deals here: https://teasenz.eu/collections/sale

Current offers include:
- Anhua Dark Tea Tasting set
- Teasenz 2007 Meng Song Ancient tree pu erh
- White Chrysanthemum tea
- Wild Sun-Dried Black Tea (Aged)
- Meng Ding Gan Lu
- Silver Needle White Tea
- Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea
- Matcha Whisk and more!

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