Best Jasmine Tea?

We all love Jasmine, and these Jasmine Pearls I have is good, but I feel like there is more. So what is everyones favorite, jasmine tea in any way imaginable?

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So far my favorite is Shang Jasmine White Tea Classic.

My second choice being Village Tea Company. Still looking for a good pearl (been drinking jasmine and loose leaf for years, but isolated regionally, so some things have been hit and miss)

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I love jasmine teas, it’s what started my loose leaf tea journey and they’re still a staple in my cupboard. Harney and Sons has some decent jasmine teas, from pearls to Yin Hao. Teavivre has excellent jasmine teas, from pearls (two different grades, both are excellent) and jasmine silver needles. Verdant tea has excellent jasmine silver needles that they call Yunnan White Jasmine. Shang has a nice white jasmine tea too.

I would suggest going with Teavivre first, simply because you can get free samples from them as long as you write reviews about the teas, they have excellent customer service and they are well priced. You just put in your Steepster page when it asks for blog page.

Just one heads up about Teavivre, it can take up to a month for your package to arrive since it’s coming from China and has to go through customs.

yssah said

oh, so that’s why it’s taking so long! :)

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yssah said

great idea to start a jasmine thread. now my top 3 needs are covered: earl grey, jasmine, and blueberry :)

i havent had a lot but good earth’s jasmine is good. mark t wendell’s is strong. im on the 4th or 5th steep, but im still getting jasmine from 2 downy pearls ^^ (i use the small traditional teacup w/o handles)

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NibbleGuru said

Anyone else care to chime in? I could go for something finer than my old standby from Upton Teas.

vallhallow said

Cultivate tea in Vancouver has my favorite floral scented or floral teas (jasmine included): I remember trying the Jasmine Snow Flake and really enjoying it (it includes the blossoms in the blend— some folks don’t like that just an fyi). They also have a Jasmine Silver tips (which is just the scented tea without the blossoms included.) I haven’t tried that one yet. Bit pricey though, especially if you don’t live in Canada (like me).

I also have some 2021 Yin Hao Long Zhu from Masters Teas, I am looking sipdown and/or share though if your interested in that I could send some in a swap.

TeaVivre has some really good ones, I’ve been happy with all of their jasmine teas and they have a good selection of different grades.

LuckyMe said

My favorite is Yunnan White Jasmine from Verdant. You can steep it forever and it doesn’t become astringent. Yunnan Sourcing’s Jasmine Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun is also very good. Another favorite is Jasmine Black tea from Verdant.

Shae said

I love Verdant’s Jasmine black tea.

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NibbleGuru said

Thank you all for the suggestions. Been meaning to hit up both Verdant and TeaVivre, so this is just another excuse

@vallhallow, I just got in a bunch of new teas, so I’ll see about adding them to my cupboard this weekend so we can discuss a swap!

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