Leafhopper said

Spring 2022 oolong/black tea group buy

Through TeaForum, I’ve connected with a seller in Taiwan who can offer high-quality teas at very reasonable prices. The catch is that these teas are sold in 150 g packs, which is great if you like green oolong but can get expensive. They also only use EMS shipping, which is $40+ from Taiwan to Canada.

The teas on offer are all from spring 2022 and include:

Li Shan
Shan Lin Xi
Premium Baozhong
Da Yu Ling
Gaoshan Hongcha (from the Li Shan area)

If anyone is interested in a group buy, I can message you details about prices. I hope buyers will pay for a portion of the EMS shipping and will cover the shipping to their address.

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Leafhopper said

Last call for this group buy, as I need to have my order in by the end of the day.

Spring 2022 Lishan: US$12/25 g
Lishan Hongcha: US$12/25 g
Spring 2022 Shan Lin Xi: US$7/25 g

I won’t be selling the Dayuling or Baozhong at this point.

Buyer pays shipping.

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CrowKettle said

Ah, I would’ve been tempted if I saw this sooner. Haven’t had a baozhong in a long time!

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Leafhopper said

Sorry you missed it! The package is being shipped, and I’ll let you know if I want to part with any of the Baozhong once I try it. There may also be some Shan Lin Xi up for grabs.

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