Georgian tea

Hey there,
you all know I am lover of less known tea producing places and especially I fell in love with Guria Likhauri tea. And that I have a little of Wild Grown white tea from Georgia as well.

I made a little research about Georgian tea and I have found this website with Georgian tea directly from the farmers. The prices are local-like in my opinion (so, if I send money and get nothing, it won’t hurt too much) and overall it looks very interesting to me.

The website is and honestly, I am even considering an order. I think it sounds like an interesting idea to order directly from Georgia. But I alwaays go in unexplored ways.

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derk said

I’d like to support the revitalization of the Georgian tea industry and the growth of their knowledge base. I’m interested in splitting an order with you, Martin. Shall we venture forth?

derk said

Thanks, Martin!

Updated the spreadsheet. If anybody is interested in splitting a 100g bag of wild green, let me know! Ideally, I wouldn’t get more than 50g from the split.

LuckyMe said

If it’s not too late, I’d be up for splitting the wild green as well the rolled.

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I will wait till end of the week if anyone else joins in and then I will try to place the order. We can discuss details what to get in PMs (I am considering all, even not actual teas :D )

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Crowkettle said

I’m extremely intrigued? Depending on logistics, I’m happy to split an order or sit on the sideline.

I will do the logistics, not a big deal. I am thinking about ordering all to me and I will repack them and send them across the pond.

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Courtney said

I’m intrigued as well! Their wild blueberry tea sounds fascinating!

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Martin, this sounds like a great idea! If you’re willing to include me, I’d be in for 50g each of Classic Black, Rolled Black, and Wild Quince! I’m in the Chicago USA area, so postal costs will likely exceed the tea price. If you aren’t overwhelmed, let me know how to proceed!

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Happy to see a few other members joining. Please see this table and fill it in as I have filled for myself and TeaEarleGreyHot.

Based on this I will place the order till end of the month.

Courtney said

Thank you for creating the spreadsheet Martin! I’ve added my requests there. :)

Crowkettle said

Thank you! I added my requests too :)

I have myself marked down for 100g of WGT and am ok with that amount, but I’d also be interested in splitting 100g with you for 50g each, as per your note. :)

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Hi Martin! I think I may be interested as well.

Side note -do you know if there is an online source to purchase Guria Likhauri? I’ve been searching, as I’m intrigued by all the glowing reviews, but can’t seem to find anything.

Hi Amanda,
happy to see you are going to join us! Please write me, or in the spreadsheet above what you would like to get.

As of Guria Likhauri, it is from this tearoom: — you can try to call them, or write them on their Facebook page however I am not sure if they would deliver outside the Czech Republic. I am thinking about third opinion if you want to order it — you could send the money in advance to my Paypal and I would pay it from my bank account in your name. Please note you are looking for “Gruzie” only. I later found out it is Guria Likhauri. Maybe they rather used more simple name for it.

I have made a little note that once I will prepare the tea for this group buy, I will add at least a little of this wonderful tea.

Courtney said

Ooh, the reviews on this tea sound wonderful. I may check out calling them as well. :)

Thank you, Martin! I’ve messaged them on Facebook, so we’ll see what they say.

You are welcome. Please let them time to reply, because they aren’t usually there. Let me know how it goes.

Guria Likhauri update- the tearoom said they are out, so they’re not able to help. But, they gave me the name of the company they buy from. I connected with that company and they said they’re able to ship to the US (yay!), but they recommend I reach out in May when they get a new batch.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, Martin!

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Thank you derk and CrowKettle for adding your requests into spreadsheet. We can decide if we split it to the thirds or we will order 100g for CrowKettle and I will split only with derk.

I have wrote them an email saying we are going to make this group order with some questions. So far they did not reply, but I will let you know as soon as possible.

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Please note, I have included one more column with conversion of the price to your currency. It uses Google conversion, so it may be not extremely correct, but of rough estimation I think it’s fine.

If they send me a payment info, I will do my best to pay it in GEL. About shipping from here (the CR) across the ocean, I will let you know later (it was around 200 CZK per 200g package I was sending last time)

I hope to hear from them soon!

Thank you for putting this together, Martin. I appreciate it.

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Thanks for the updates Martin! And for spearheading this project as well !

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