paprika said

Tea Advent Calendars - 2021

I saw that David’s tea advent calendars have been announced, so I guess that tea advent calendar season is upon us! What advent calendars are you seeing and which ones do you think that you’ll get? The highlight of my holiday season is tea advent calendars so I’m always on the prowl for new ones!

I’m really hoping that Theodor does another one because I loved their one from two years ago.

Here are the 2021 ones that I think have been announced so far (from my casual perusing):

David’s Tea regular advent calendar (looks like on sale):

David’s Tea matcha advent calendar (looks like on sale):

David’s Tea caffeine free advent calendar:—-caffeine-free/961632US01VAR0075863.html?cgid=24-days-of-tea-shop#start=1

I also saw this for sale and am somewhat intrigued by both the concept (philosopher quotes) and the tea company (Eastern Shore Tea Company):

TeaRevv’s 2021 calendar with plenty of customization options:

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Shae said

I’ve had a couple of teas from Eastern Shore Tea Company and I liked them. I didn’t realize they were on Etsy!

Shae said

Oh nevermind. I see the shop isn’t Eastern Shore Tea Company, only that the shop uses their teas in the calendars.

Currently trying to talk myself out of this wooden monstrosity from Fortnum & Mason… I do not need 600 grams of tea!

Shae said

Oh that’s beautiful!

Beautiful, expensive and no deliveries to the EU. The last statement made me sad about “cheap” version.

Jen vB said

The wooden one is so pretty! I did see a cardboard version with tea bags is being sold at Williams Sonoma

The links you have for the DAVIDsTEA advent and matcha advent are from last year, which is probably why they’re marked down.

The links for this year:

paprika said

Aha! It all makes sense now. Thank you for the updated links!

I’m so tempted by the cute tree box! But I don’t tend to like their teas so I should really hold off ha ha…

paprika said

I’m the same—there are few of David’s teas that I like but not enough that I would get 24 teas of it. It doesn’t help that I don’t like a bunch of things that tend to be popular in their blended flavored tea like chocolate, coconut, caramel…

B&B is getting ready too. As I am worker now, it is tempting:

Courtney said

We grabbed the regular and caffeine free from B&B haha! :O

I still haven’t decided yet. Afterall, it’s still September!

Courtney said

Very true! Still lots of time! I wanted to get ahead of it before it slipped my mind with school stuff (school is always the heaviest when I should instead my tea advent shopping XD).

paprika said

It looks like Palais de The’s advent calendar is out: (I think that this is for 2021 because 2020 was red)

Republic of Tea’s 12 day countdown is available for preorder:

I don’t know if anyone is into the Moomins, but I found this Moomin adventure calendar and I am so charmed by it:

I’ve started haunting Kusmi’s website because while I think it won’t be released for a few weeks, it sold out so quickly the past few years! I really like that one and don’t want to miss it.

The Palais des Thés advent is also available from their official website:

They have even non-Moomin one:

Considering it, I used to like Nordqvist flavours.

Courtney said


I’m still holding out for THEODOR, but maybe if they don’t release an advent this year… ;)

Dustin said

OMG those tins are so cute! I don’t think I’ve ever tried their teas before.

It’s in Czech, I wonder if available anywhere else, but Basilur Advent Calendar here:

Kiani Tea has an advent this year:

I ordered one, as I like the idea of having an unflavored advent!

paprika said

This one looks really interesting! I haven’t had Kiani before—how have you liked their teas?

I’ve only tried one of their teas, but it was very good. In general they have a variety of high-quality single origin teas.

That sounds interesting to me as well. Can be already 15th?

paprika said

Whittard’s has released their tea calendar:

I did Whittard’s last year and liked it. It was a lot of tea! Each day had multiple bags for that tea.

T2’s tea advent calendar is out as well! and

I’ve had some of their breakfast teas before and really enjoyed them, so I think I’ll try T2’s this year.

Jen vB said

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