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Tea of the Week for October 11 & October 18 (Hey, that's today? Is this real?)

Greetings Everyone! (As the subject heading suggests, I am … getting caught up. It’s been a long, long process & I’ve still quite a way to go before I’m there, but I’m happy to say that there is a light at the end of the tunnel – finally.)

So, I’m here to update you on last week’s tea – as well as this week’s tea!

The Tea of the Week for October 11 is: Coconut Banana Muffin Rooibos – a blend of organic rooibos, coconut, bananas, cinnamon, nutmeg & a touch of essence to create a yummy, somewhat tropical yet autumnal muffin taste for your teacup.


Tea of the Week for October 18: Alfajores Yunnan Golden Needle Black Tea – Warning – this tea IS amazing & it will not stick around long. Beautiful Yunnan Golden Needles blended with coconut & a blend of essences (my special alfajores recipe!). This tea is so yummy.


Thanks for your support!

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I feel a bit like a mind reader with the Blood Orange Creamsicle blend, haha!

The new site looks great though, and I’m excited for this year’s 12 Days selection! :)

52Teas said

That’s not all – though – because you also mentioned on a totally different post from a different company about how you didn’t like the word “flan” – and our featured reblend for August … contains that word in the name in the tea. (I’ll be announcing the tea on Monday but I’m sure that totally gave it away anyway.)

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Thanks about the comments on the new website. I spent a lot of hours on it – but I’m happy with it. It just – looks better. Maybe it’s just because I looked at the same website for 6 years but the other one felt so old fashioned and clunky.

AJRimmer said

Yay I’m glad these updates are back!

52Teas said

Thanks! :)

Sil select said

yay for the new site and updates!

52Teas said

Thank you! :)

I’m also very excited to see these updates again. Loving the new site, it looks great!
I’m so sad I missed the 12 Teas box…no idea how I managed that. I filled out the form, so hoping there is an extra I can purchase! :)

52Teas said

Amanda – I can’t make any promises just yet – but I suspect there will be enough for a box for you. I will contact you when I know more. In the meantime, thank you for filling out the form!

Thanks for the kind comments!

PS: The box went very quickly this year!

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