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Bonus Tea for Dec 2021 AND Tea of the Week for January 3, 2022!

Hello, everyone!

I came here to post about the Tea of the Week for January 3 & I realized that I had forgotten to post about our Bonus tea for December 2021. So, I’ll talk about both those teas now.

Before I get into that though – I know that I had mentioned that January would be a “reblend” month – meaning that all five teas that we blend would be reblends – most of which would be the runners up to the 12 Teas of Christmas box – those teas that scored highly, but not quite high enough to make it into the box.

However, it turned out that I didn’t have all the ingredients I needed to reblend some of those teas, so I’ve pushed reblend month back to February. Sorry about that!

So, for January, no theme – just delicious teas!

First, our tea of the week for January 3, 2022:

Lemon Glazed Scone Black Tea – This blend starts with a single estate black tea from Colombia. When I sampled the tea, the first thing that came to mind is that it would make a good citrus-y tea – so that’s what I did. To this beautiful Colombian tea, I added a bunch of dried lemon wedges & lemon crystals (made simply with lemon, cane sugar & natural color). I used the lemon crystals to give it just a little bit of sweetness for the “glazed” note.


Bonus Tea for December 2022:

Cookie Dough Chai Black Tea – this tea was also the 12th tea from our 12 Teas of Christmas – our newest chai! This blend combines several different teas (2 Assam teas, 2 Yunnan grown teas & a Laoshan black tea) with chai spices (cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, allspice, nutmeg & black pepper), cacao shells & nibs, vanilla beans & vegan chocolate chips. There’s a lot going on with it – but I love the way it turned out.

It’s not a typical “spicy chai” & I think, in hindsight, a name like “Chocolate Chip Spice Cookie” might have been a better name for it. But it would seem that my hindsight is never on hand when I’m creating the labels for the teas. It always seems to come in after to let me know I screwed up. :)

The name might not be on point, but the tea is so good that I am not too worried about it.


THANK YOU for all your support. This past holiday season was a really good one for us & it was all because of you & your support! I could not do this thing I do without you! Thank you!

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I feel a bit like a mind reader with the Blood Orange Creamsicle blend, haha!

The new site looks great though, and I’m excited for this year’s 12 Days selection! :)

52Teas said

That’s not all – though – because you also mentioned on a totally different post from a different company about how you didn’t like the word “flan” – and our featured reblend for August … contains that word in the name in the tea. (I’ll be announcing the tea on Monday but I’m sure that totally gave it away anyway.)

52Teas said

Thanks about the comments on the new website. I spent a lot of hours on it – but I’m happy with it. It just – looks better. Maybe it’s just because I looked at the same website for 6 years but the other one felt so old fashioned and clunky.

AJRimmer said

Yay I’m glad these updates are back!

52Teas said

Thanks! :)

Sil select said

yay for the new site and updates!

52Teas said

Thank you! :)

I’m also very excited to see these updates again. Loving the new site, it looks great!
I’m so sad I missed the 12 Teas box…no idea how I managed that. I filled out the form, so hoping there is an extra I can purchase! :)

52Teas said

Amanda – I can’t make any promises just yet – but I suspect there will be enough for a box for you. I will contact you when I know more. In the meantime, thank you for filling out the form!

Thanks for the kind comments!

PS: The box went very quickly this year!

Tiffany :) said

Ugh I already have a subscription and advent and placed 2 orders last weekend and now I see the two Nov teas, so far? Will try to resist another order

52Teas said

Well, you’ll get these two teas in your subscription – it’s going out this afternoon – in fact, in about an hour, we’ll be headed to the post office! :)

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