Onetime offer for US residents!

We have a box of great tea 3.6 kgs net already in the US, Pennsylvania. This is a box from a large bulk order that went to the States by mistake.

We are ready to offer a good wholesale price and forward it to your address in USA not to deal with its return.

The box contains the following teas:

2020 Gui Fei Oolong Premium 0.2kg

2020 Si Ji Chun Oolong Premium 0.2kg

2020 Gaba Oolong Exclusive 0.2kg

2020 Jin Xuan Oolong, gr A 1kg

2019 Spring Maocha (Loose-Leaf Raw Pu-erh), Sweet Trees 300-500 yo 1kg

2020 Black Tea #6, Thai Old Trees 1kg

If you are ready to buy the entire batch, contact us to get the price and details.

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