Erin said

Best quality of bagged teas?

I am looking to hear what companies everyone thinks offers the best quality tea in bagged form.

Like most everyone here, I had switched almost entirely to loose leaf for better quality, and had pretty much written off bagged teas as lower quality across-the-board. Some better than others, of course, but overall nothing good enough to seriously adding them back in to my cupboard.

BUT recently I bough an assortment gift box from Harneys, and I must admit I was very surprised at the quality. Not to mention they are the only company I have run across where I could by a really diverse assortment in one box, which I appreciate.

So, any suggestions? I am not necessarily looking for favorite flavors, more so recommendations for quality.

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I was going to say Harney’s haha. Hmm, I’ll think about this. Sometimes tea companies will just add their great tea to teabags, like Teavivre. Or you can just add your own tea to empty teabags like these:
Sometimes with certain teas I will pre-add a few teabags and then store them in a resealable pouch so I don’t have to add the tea to the teabags later on (especially if I’m going somewhere/on a trip)

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Well, I am drinking both tea bags and loose leaf and there are a few which are great in a bagged form as well. I can vouch for Greenfield from teas I had recently, Basilur is decent, and I assume you will find some other great brands in my tasting notes.

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Solaris botanicals and java republic, both based in the island of ireland

This one was decent but pandemic disrupted communications so no longer keeping this vendor on my radar

“3g*12 tea bag Taetea Dayi raw puer tea raw puerh tea Select Bada Tea Year 2013”

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I’ve found that Yogi, Traditional Medicinals, and Pukka have decent quality for bagged tea. I haven’t tried Rishi in a while, but thought they had decent quality in their bags (over priced in my opinion). I tried a Ten Ren shou puerh once that surprised me, I’d buy a box of that again.

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Katiek said

I was also going to suggest Harneys. It’s my favorite tea to take with me to places where I need more convenience – like big work meetings.

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Adagio sometimes has good tea in tea pyramid bags, and Smith Teamaker does; though I haven’t tried it myself and they tend to be pricey. My cheap quick go-to brand for bag tea is Bigelow. Almost every bag tea I have tried from them has been decent and great in a pinch. There bagged green tea is not a bitter astringent mess either, and deffiently taste like they use Japanese tea.

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