Genki said

Places where you can submit and vote for blends

Hi everyone, I’m a new member!

I’ve recently been looking into designing new blends and I’m wondering if it’s possible to get them onto the market without producing it myself.

Are there any existing communities or businesses that have a history/system of turning customer-suggested blends into real products? (i.e. voting forums, etc.)

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Depends on the scale you’re looking on producing – but some wholesale vendors will do custom blending if you’re willing to purchase a considerable quantity of tea. This would probably be more suitable if you were looking into starting your own company/selling the blends versus personal consumption.

On a smaller scale, some companies sometimes will take customer suggestions are their own discretion – 52Teas is an example of that, but that wouldn’t be a guarantee/there isn’t a formalized voting forum or suggestion format.

Genki said

Thanks for the reply!

I was thinking of small scale (I would be happy to pay retail price to purchase some from time to time for myself and friends). I can’t seem to find a page for submitting a blend to 52Teas so I presume I have to contact them directly.

Another person recently told me of Adagio Teas – they have a ‘Fandom Blends’ section which is very similar to what I was thinking of (minus the voting). I might approach them later but I first wanted to see if this was common practice among the tea industry.

52Teas said

Dear Genki: We don’t actually have a page to submit a blend – but you can use our contact us page

I read all of the comments sent to us via our contact us page, and I do consider all blend ideas sent to us. I can’t guarantee anything – but I do consider blend ideas submitted to me.

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