2021: How much will you spend on tea this year!?

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Nerys said

Last month 0 in loose tea, only grocery shop teas.
This month so far 0 in loose tea and again, only grocery shop teas.
Usually 2 boxes each week so added it up for 1 year 208 euro in teabags.
It is monday morning here and trying to choose some teas for my first loose tea order of this year. Think maybe 1/4 so 52 euro for enough teas until june.

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Well, we’re going to try this again…

Last year, I pretty much gave up on tea entirely when the pandemic hit in March. I don’t have anything recorded in the old thread past that and I’m not going back through a years of emails to see if I did purchase beyond that.

So, this is me hoping that I actually buy and drink tea this year. it’s the middle of March now, so we shall see if it pans out. I get paid tomorrow and my plans are to start with a W2T order. Wish me luck and tea guys.

So Far…


White2Tea: $39.64

J-P said

Good luck and enjoy :-)

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K W said

I spent nothing in January and February, because I was still working on my big November order from DAVIDsTEA. But I spent $140 in March and April buying tea for both myself and my mom. So, if I estimate that I’ll spend ~$150 every four months, then that’s ~$450 for the year. Not bad, but I really don’t drink as much tea at home as I used to in the office, so I should be trying to finish old teas before adding new ones to my cupboard.

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Random said

I tend to keep most of my teas at work since I try to avoid caffeine in the evenings or weekends. I noticed early this year that not only is my tea drawer now exclusive to tea, but I’m swiftly running out of room for other teas. So I decided maybe I should keep track of my spending this year.

January 2021
Amazon – $41.88
Had a gift card I didn’t know what to do with and just decided to try some different things. I strongly regret the three teas I purchased, two of which I just threw away. The third I’m sitting on to see if it improves with age or maybe brewing method. I don’t have a lot of hope here, but it doesn’t take much room.

April 2021
Whispering Pines Tea – $49.50
Likely will be another order once PTA is back in stock. Unlikely to be this month however. My interest was grabbed by an unsmoked Lapsang Souchong.

Do you guys keep track of the prices with taxes and shipping, or just the subtotals?

Courtney said

I do the complete total charged to my card (I also check my card for the CAD equivalent), but I’d say it’s all individual preference. :)

Random said

Looks like there were 3 more purchases before the end of the month. For a girl who was raised by a woman who could pinch a penny so hard it would squeal, I feel incredibly weak.

PTA came back in stock and I couldn’t wait til next to do the order.

And then another at Serengeti Teas called Whiskey Tea was calling to me. I mean how could you not be drawn to give it a try? Also my first order for that company. I have pretty much no experience with African teas either, so this should be a fun experiment.

And it seems Tea Runners does a pure tea subscription box. I paid for 3 months up front.

April 2021
Whispering Pines Tea – $84.50
Serengeti Teas – $26.00
Tea Runners – $79.00

So April is at $189.50

I have been ok’d to start driving again come Friday. Broken right ankle has kept me a home body since mid February. If all goes well, I’ll be back in the office first week of May and not spending so much free time sitting here watching my rear end spread and browsing tea sites.

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hawkband1 said

Planning to keep my budget at $1000 USD. I was over in 2019 at $1351 and under last year at $685.23. $360 of this year’s budget is taken by the White2Tea Club.

I need to work on drinking my puerh and white tea cakes. I’ve been drinking a lot of teas at work and not a lot at home. (which means easier, more robust teas)

Jan – Apr
Little Woods $60?

Tea Vivre $44.37


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